20th Annual Father's Day Croquet
Stepping Way Out

Going My Own Way


Right out of the box . . . I'm not following directions this week.

You see, Carole has asked us to think about our Ten Favorite TV Dads.  But I don't really watch TV.  So I don't have even one favorite TV Dad.  

Not one.

So I decided to . . . go my own way . . . and give you Ten Favorite MOVIE Dads.  (Because I do watch movies.)

Here goes . . . Ten Movie Dads I Especially Like:

  1. from Breaking Away - "Dad" (played by Paul Dooley) - I like the tough, old-school Dad-with-a-soft-heart in this movie; he "does right" by his son and wife, and turns out to be a pretty great Dad.
  2. from Silver Linings Playbook - "Pat, Sr." (played by Robert DeNiro) - Yeah.  So he was a bit messed up with his OCD and his control issues . . . but he was a great Dad when it came right down to it.
  3. from Christmas Story - "Old Man" (played by Darren McGavin) - He was tough and distracted, sure.  But, in the end, he knew his son . . . and got him that dang BB gun!
  4. from Little Miss Sunshine - "Richard Hoover" (played by Greg Kinnear) - I love the way he balanced the very odd personalities and quirks of his family, and made sure everyone got what they needed.
  5. from Back to the Future - "George McFly" (played by Crispin Glover) - Oh, George!  You certainly needed the intervention of your back-to-the-future son and his flex-capacitor!!!
  6. from To Kill A Mockingbird - "Atticus Finch" (played by Gregory Peck) - A Dad With Integrity, certainly.
  7. from Mrs. Doubtfire - "Daniel Hillard" (played by Robin Williams) - So devoted to his kids that he became . . . Mrs. Doubtfire!  That's commitment. . . 
  8. from Sound of Music - "Capt. Von Trapp" (played by Christopher Plummer) - When I was a kid (and first saw Sound of Music), I thought he was mean and out of touch.  Ahhhh. . . but as I grew older, I could see that he was a wounded soul, just waiting for the likes of Maria to get him singing!
  9. from Life is Beautiful - "Guido" (played by Roberto Benigni) - This movie broke my heart like no other . . . but, oh man!  What. A. Dad.
  10. from Juno - "Mac Maguff" (played by J.K. Simmonds) - If I had ever been a pregnant teen, I would have wanted a supportive, humorous, and "real" dad like Mac. . . that's for sure!

How about YOU?  Who are your favorite on-screen (TV OR movie) Dads?


And . . . because I just can't resist . . . here are some photos from this past weekend . . . of My Favorite REAL-TIME Dads . . . 





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Great list! And some truly great Dads. But really, I'm counting the days until I can capture a photo like the last one...Dale's Pale Ale and all. (8 more sleeps!)


Love your Father's Day pictures! I don't watch movies and I'm in the dark about some of your choices, but I do know Atticus Finch (best movie dad!) and, as a side note, do you know Little Miss Sunshine was filmed at my sisters house? The movie crew built a new porch on her old house just for the movie!


I am all in for Guide, Atticus Finch (how could anyone be that wise) and if you can't love Mrs. doubtfire, you have a hole in your soul!


Your Father's Day pictures are just plain chaming.


Nice to see someone post something completely different :) Good choices!


I think it's great when you take a Ten on Tuesday topic and tweak it to make it work for you. I'm totally with you on Atticus Finch. As for Capt. Von Trapp, I'd rather have him as my husband than my dad. :-)

Denise T.

Mac Macguff is a great one! And Guido, too.

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