20th Annual Father's Day Croquet
Stepping Way Out

Going My Own Way


Right out of the box . . . I'm not following directions this week.

You see, Carole has asked us to think about our Ten Favorite TV Dads.  But I don't really watch TV.  So I don't have even one favorite TV Dad.  

Not one.

So I decided to . . . go my own way . . . and give you Ten Favorite MOVIE Dads.  (Because I do watch movies.)

Here goes . . . Ten Movie Dads I Especially Like:

  1. from Breaking Away - "Dad" (played by Paul Dooley) - I like the tough, old-school Dad-with-a-soft-heart in this movie; he "does right" by his son and wife, and turns out to be a pretty great Dad.
  2. from Silver Linings Playbook - "Pat, Sr." (played by Robert DeNiro) - Yeah.  So he was a bit messed up with his OCD and his control issues . . . but he was a great Dad when it came right down to it.
  3. from Christmas Story - "Old Man" (played by Darren McGavin) - He was tough and distracted, sure.  But, in the end, he knew his son . . . and got him that dang BB gun!
  4. from Little Miss Sunshine - "Richard Hoover" (played by Greg Kinnear) - I love the way he balanced the very odd personalities and quirks of his family, and made sure everyone got what they needed.
  5. from Back to the Future - "George McFly" (played by Crispin Glover) - Oh, George!  You certainly needed the intervention of your back-to-the-future son and his flex-capacitor!!!
  6. from To Kill A Mockingbird - "Atticus Finch" (played by Gregory Peck) - A Dad With Integrity, certainly.
  7. from Mrs. Doubtfire - "Daniel Hillard" (played by Robin Williams) - So devoted to his kids that he became . . . Mrs. Doubtfire!  That's commitment. . . 
  8. from Sound of Music - "Capt. Von Trapp" (played by Christopher Plummer) - When I was a kid (and first saw Sound of Music), I thought he was mean and out of touch.  Ahhhh. . . but as I grew older, I could see that he was a wounded soul, just waiting for the likes of Maria to get him singing!
  9. from Life is Beautiful - "Guido" (played by Roberto Benigni) - This movie broke my heart like no other . . . but, oh man!  What. A. Dad.
  10. from Juno - "Mac Maguff" (played by J.K. Simmonds) - If I had ever been a pregnant teen, I would have wanted a supportive, humorous, and "real" dad like Mac. . . that's for sure!

How about YOU?  Who are your favorite on-screen (TV OR movie) Dads?


And . . . because I just can't resist . . . here are some photos from this past weekend . . . of My Favorite REAL-TIME Dads . . . 





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