Bloomin' Friday
Did I Say That Out Loud?

My Garden Hero

You know that old saying . . . your eyes are too big for your stomach????

Well.  That holds true for me in my garden.  Because . . .  my ideas are too big for my ability to dig.

FullSizeRender 12

For reasons I may (or may not) choose to ever explain, I don't have the upper body strength for much digging.  Oh, I can dig little holes . . . for planting herbs and small flats of flowers and tiny succulents.  But when it comes to . . . planting trees.  Or setting stepping stones.  Or spreading 4 cubic feet of mulch.  Or transplanting hostas.  Or digging out root balls.  Or putting in a whole new patio.  Well . . . then I have to call in My Garden Hero.


He says he is Not a Gardener.

But I know he's just kidding himself.

Because anyone who puts that much effort into helping me create a beautiful garden space?

My Garden Hero . . . 

FullSizeRender 13

 and a (Secret) Gardener!

(Thanks, Tom!)