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Driving Miss JoJo: a P'Update

Back in April, I wrote about JoJo . . . and how I'm working at trying to overcome her car-riding discomfort.  

Now that we're making regular trips up north to our cottage - a 2-hour + drive each way - I thought you might like a little . . . p'update.

  FullSizeRender 2

(She looks a little sad, but she really wasn't; she was just waking up at a stoplight.)

JoJo is Much Improved -- and maybe even having a little fun.  These days, JoJo is relaxed and engaged in the car -- and is even napping during the long drive.  Best of all . . . no car sick issues!  (Although we're still using the anti-car-sick meds, we're at a much reduced dose, and hope to have her completely weaned off the meds within the next couple of trips.)

And . . . BONUS . . . her adjustment to driving in the car . . . has spilled over into to riding in the boat!


Last year, JoJo was pretty much petrified on our pontoon boat. 

But over the weekend, she was exploring and sniffing the fresh air, and generally checking everything out.


By the end of the summer (maybe even the end of June), she's going to be as excited to be up at the lake as Jenny!


It's getting easier . . . this driving Miss JoJo!



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I'm glad to hear that your patient efforts are paying off, and "p'update" cracks me up!


Looks like she's driving you! She's a cutie.

Cheryl S.



I love that picture of JoJo helping Tom drive the boat! So glad she's doing better in the car and the boat, too.


Ooooh--it's so great to see these pictures of a relaxed and happy JoJo.




You've done a great job of acclimating her to motion. Your constant positivity has helped her feel relaxed and happy to be a passenger. Good job Kym and JoJo!


Yay! I'm sharing your success story with my friend whose dog is still afraid of the car...I hope it helps because she'd love to have her Sherman driving :-)


So glad JoJo is able to boat and car now! She's so curious about everything and I'm so glad to see that she is learning to overcome her doggie anxiety. And she's in the best hands for that!

<3 from the extended pack!! (Keith loved the picture of JoJo and dad!)



Haha! She looks like she's ready to co-pilot!! ;)
I'm so glad she's more comfortable with travel.

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