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Bloomin' Friday

Of all the months in the garden, June is (hands down!) my favorite.  In June . . . everything is lovely;  everything just starts to explode.  (The rest of the growing months are pretty great, too.  I am always just happiest with my garden in June.)


(My backyard garden is a hidden garden . . . completed closed in by a fence.  No one knows it's there, until I open the gate and let them in!)

Here's what's blooming in my garden this week:


My dogwood again.  (Because I am in love.)


This variegated bearded iris.  (It blooms for about . . . 5 minutes.  But they're a beautiful 5 minutes.) 


The plain old creeping thyme near my pond.  (But it looks pretty fabulous with that rogue Creeping Jenny stealing in, doesn't it?)


Another clematis.  This one is in my front yard.  It's called 'Rebecca" and it was billed as being red.  But as you can see (that color is pretty true-to-life), it is more magenta-ish.   (I'm always on the lookout for a true, red-blooming clematis. . .)


Not blooming yet . . . but soon.  (I think peony buds are almost as cool as the flower.)  (Almost.)


Things are coming along nicely so far in my garden.  (There's that dogwood again.)  (Sigh.)  Although there are some really messy parts that I'm not showing you!  (I'll save them for another post.)

The very best thing for me, though, is my pergola.  (If you want to learn the story of my pergola, check out this post from 2012.)  It brings me great joy . . . every time I look at it!


Happy weekend!  (You'll find me out in the garden. . . )



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Bloomin' beautiful! That iris is amazing, as is the magenta clematis. Your pergola brings me joy (clematis galore + wisteria!), so I can imagine it's even better in person. Enjoy your weekend in the garden!


Everything looks spectacular. All that hard work you and Tom do really shows in these photos.


Your garden has grown and changed over the years you've been blogging! It's so glorious and easy to see why June is your favorite month. Hard work pays off and I hope you have many, many days of joyful relaxation.


Gorgeous! I LOVE the splash of chartreuse in your garden.
Envious, envious, envious!
Have a splendid weekend, Kym!


Absolutely stunning!


Your yard is just gorgeous! Will you come do mine?


Your beautiful garden has left me speechless. June here (as I'm sure you know) is the best for lush green landscapes. I'm all in for designating June as the best summer month!

Cheryl S.

Your yard is so pretty!


So beautiful! My peonies look exactly like yours, and I think I have more than ever before (like, I think there are 5!). The pergola is such a lovely refuge -- almost as relaxing to look at as to be in!


oh, what a treat! looks like your garden is about 4-5 weeks behind "mine" (meaning what I see on my walks ;-) There is something RED at the front of my neighborhood. I wonder if it might be clematis? (I'll share a photo tomorrow)

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