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Tomorrow . . . Is Another Day





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Tomorrow . . . always seems like a good day to get something done!  I'm generally a get-things-done kind of gal.  But -- there tend to be certain things that I just . . . put off.  

(For another day.)  

(You know.)

So . . . what's on my list of things I need to do NOW . . . but I just keep procrastinating?

  1. Set up the external hard drive to back up my laptop.  (It's sitting right there.  I just need to hook it up.)
  2. Organize my photo files.  (Oh my god.  Just get this done.)  (And move on.)
  3. Treat the wood floor in the kitchen.  (There is never a convenient time.  Accept this.)
  4. KonMari the craft closet.  (Deep breaths.)
  5. Go through the yarn bins.  (Just do it.)
  6. Call the plumber to fix the broken sink.  (SUCCESS!)
  7. Take down the hideous valance in the library.  (Yes.  After awhile, you just don't notice it any more.  But . . . I'm telling you . . . it's still there.)
  8. Put away the Christmas china.  (Yes.  It's still on display in my china cabinet.)  (This one is so embarrassing. . . )
  9. Write up the dang committee notes and turn them in.  (It will take you . . . oh . . . all of 5 minutes.)
  10. Get out there in the scary front wooded garden and deal with it.  (Take a big shovel.  Dig those problems out.)

How about YOU?  What are you putting off . . . until tomorrow?


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