Tomorrow . . . Is Another Day
A Whole New Season

Things Fall Apart . . . A Riff


I remember, back in March, I would have been delighted with a day where the temperature reached 55ºF.  

Thrilled, in fact.  

(Now, in May, I feel chilled to the bone.)  

(Because in May, a high of 55ºF is just Not Good Enough.)

We've had a lot of rain here in Kalamazoo over the past couple of days.  I heard 2.5 inches.  Which is quite a lot.

(I should be excited about that.  And I suppose I am.  It's very good for my garden.  It certainly makes pulling weeds a whole lot easier.)  

(And rainbows.)

(But cold AND wet are never a winning combination for me.)

Sets the tone, though.  Because I've got a lot of . . . well, cold-and-wet crap . . . to deal with these days.

(Appropriate weather, I guess.)

Nothing too awfully terrible.  Just . . . crap.

Like, Things Fall Apart crap.

Things around the house.

(Dishwasher.  Microwave.  Leaking shower.  Broken sink.  Mysteriously severed irrigation line. An on-their-last-legs 27 year old washer and dryer pair.)

(Plus we need new windows.)

(Oh.  And some birds made a nest IN MY WALL.)  

(I can hear them chirping right now.)

And the people I love are falling apart a little right now.

(My dad had a bug.  Now my mom has the bug.  Brian had surgery last week.  Erin had a "procedure" yesterday.)

And me.

(Ankle WAY better.  But I still can't run at all.)

(And I found out today at my 6-month dental check-up that I need YET ANOTHER crown.)

What I'm really, MOST annoyed about, though, are corporate activists.

(They do an awfully lot of damage.  They MAKE working things fall apart.)

(In the name of short-term profits.)

(For themselves, of course.)

(Greedy bastards.)  

(Did I say that OUT LOUD?)

(Does NO ONE think about the long term anymore????)

I wish Tom were just a teensy-tiny bit closer to retirement.

(Just sayin.)

I wish it would stop raining.  

(So I could begin putting things back together again.)





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I've got a new crown. :-( Sending a big hug and a full chilled glass your way. Maybe a bright new mani or pedi to take the edge off a little?


I'm sorry that it feels like things are all falling apart. I prescribe some reading while waiting on all of the repair people to do their job.


"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out. (Possibly Chekhov, but maybe not.) I am sorry that you have so MANY crappy day to day things all at once. Here's hoping that some putting back together can happen soon. Also, I've told my dentist that considering the price of crowns, I'm demanding that a real, sparkly, jewel-encrusted crown be placed upon my head the next time he tells me I need another one. I'll be happy to share. :)


I needed three new crowns last year! I am grateful that my dentist uses a 3-D printer to make the crowns, it takes one 60-90 min. visit and costs half the usual price! I'm sorry you have so much going on at once and hope that things will look up for you soon!


I hope everyone in your family is healing well and will be ok in the near future!
If you only knew how bad it is from where I sit. At the moment our house has a couple of nice "water features" and, well, we shall not speak of the cost of health care or of bodies falling apart...or dentists, or eye doctors, I feel your pain!


sending warm blue sky wishes your way...with a BIG HUG!!


Oh man, crowns are on my list... I think I took care of one last year, but there are still two that need to be done. Sometime. These are REPLACEMENT crowns, so I am not rushing.

Sending sunshine & happiness!! ;)


As my former students would say, I feel you, Mrs. Kym. I replaced a 28 year old washer/dryer combo a few years back. I would love to have my old ones back. Nothing gets as clean in my new style machine and the dryer thinks it's smarter than I am. So much for high efficiency. I hope you're back in your running shoes soon! Hugs--it will get better!


So sorry you're having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Bad things always seem to come in bunches, don't they? Get yourself a "Damn It Doll" - they're great for beating the daylights out of them while yelling every curse word at the top of your lungs that makes you feel better! I had two of them in the bottom drawer of my desk for years, and my staff would borrow them on an "as needed" basis - which was so frequently, one doll burst at the seams and had "duct tape surgery!" You can find patterns and the rhyme that goes along with the doll on line or buy one at a Hallmark store. Just promise never to be without one in your bottom drawer! :) She'll be your BFF!!!

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