A Visit to a Must-See Garden
Bloomin' Friday

Right Now - May 2015

Oh, May.  So much gets packed into your glorious days.  It always seems there isn't quite . . . enough of you.


Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now.

Watching . . . Not much of what's on a screen (no tv or movies lately), but I'm watching a lot of garden-unfolding, weed-growing, and lovely sunsets, though!

Reading . . . Because I've been out in the garden so much lately (see weed-growing, above), my reading has slowed considerably.  I did manage to finish a wonderful collection of essays by Malcolm Gladwell (What the Dog Saw), and I'm mid-way through Kate Atkinson's newestA God in Ruins (and - if you loved Life After Life, you'll love this follow-up novel . . . although the format is completely different this time around, and the focus is all on Ursula's beloved little brother, Teddy).

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.48.04 PM

I've also printed out my BOTNS Bingo card, and I'm busy plotting out my summer reading.  (If you want to join along, you can read more about it here (or here or here) -- and be sure to check out Mary's challenge, while you're at it!

Knitting . . .  I'm working diligently on my Beeline pullover -- just the sleeves left now!  (Very nice pattern/design, I must say.  I think it will be very sweatshirt-ish, which is just what I'm hoping for.)  I'm also looking forward to yet another mystery shawl.  (Apparently, once you try one, you're hooked.) This time, Kirsten Kapur's Through the Loops Mystery Shawl . . . which begins June 1 and includes 6 clues.  (It's not to late to join in.)  (Just sayin.)

Listening to . . . Everything on my iPod.  On shuffle.  It's interesting.  (Mostly I'm just too busy to settle on any one thing right now.  So, when it comes to music, I just say, "Surprise me!")

Dreading . . . A particularly nasty and totally overgrown garden bed.  One that I've been ignoring for a couple of years now.  The longer I let it go, the worse it becomes.  (Although I guess it will be particularly satisfying when I finally do bring it to order.)

Drinking . . . Ginger Peach tea.  It's great, hot or cold.

Planning . . . KonMari-ing my sewing room and yarn.  (Yeah.  I haven't really moved on that one this month.)  May has been . . . very full.  I will get to it.  I just need to meet some grant deadlines first. (And tackle that garden bed.) (And keep up on the weeds.) (And plant my containers.) (And finish my Alabama Chanin project.) (And those sleeves.) (And get Up North with Tom for a few days.) (And help my Mom with her garden.) (And . . . yeah.  This is what happens.)

Humming . . . Sorry about this one.  (I blame the gym.)


(Gotta say, though . . . the dancer in me loves this music video.)

Wondering . . . How it can cost so much to replace my windows??! (Like . . . one full year of tuition at a small, private, liberal arts college.)

Itching to . . . Cast on for this cardigan that Vicki found!  (I even have some yarn.) 

Organizing . . . for the season Up North at the cottage.  This means getting everything set up and functional again -- and replacing things that need replacing.  (This year, KonMari has come to the cottage.  Let's just say . . . there are many things up there that DO NOT bring joy.)

Delighted by . . . Although it has really been a financial drag to have to replace All the Appliances All at Once . . . I'm loving that my kitchen appliances all match now!!!  (And, face it, that they all WORK.)

Needing to . . . Replace the cabinet hardware in my kitchen (so it matches the new appliances).  (Of course.)

Celebrating . . . A return to normal fitness activities -- a full three months after my original injury.  (All sing praises to the power of rest and physical therapy.)

Enjoying . . . Long days and pleasant weather!

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?