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Friday Mailbag

Hold On To That Feeling

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Knitting a "mystery" project* . . . is kind of like setting of on an adventurous JOURNEY.

You know very little about your final destination.

You don't know what path you'll follow.

You have no idea if you packed the right gear.

You don't know what twists and turns you might encounter.

Or . . . how often you might need to double back and begin again.



If you trust.

If you have a bit of faith.

And if you hold on to that feeling.


You might just end up in the right place!


Don't Stop Believing!

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*  A "mystery" knit is just that . . . a mystery!  When you sign on to knit it, you have no idea what the final product will look like (although you do know if it will be a shawl or a pair of socks!).  You have no clue what colors might look best with the design.  You have no idea what you've just gotten yourself into!  You simply follow the "clues" (usually released once a week) . . . and trust that it will all work out in the end.