Friday Mailbag
A Visit to a Must-See Garden

Gittin' r 'Dun


There's nothing like a 3-day weekend for . . . gittin' stuff dun!  Here's what I did this weekend:


1 - Planted my herb garden!  (I think it's safe from frost. ) (Finally.)  (But I still didn't put in the basil.)


2 - Cleaned up some of the messiest of my garden beds.  (The worst one is yet to come, though.)


3 - Lent Tom moral support while he cleaned out my ponds and got them running again.  (A really messy job.)  And then cheered HURRAH when Tom got my rain barrel set up again.  (And just in time, too!)


4 - Pointed and directed as Tom wielded his shovel to move hostas and ferns and daylilies.  (It takes a village.)


5 - Dealt with this kind of help.  (You should see the hole. . .)


6 - Finally put away the Christmas china.  (Yeah.  I know.) (I also installed my external hard drive and backed up my lap top.) (In case you were wondering.)


7 - Got to this point in knitting a sweater.  (This one.)  (Trying to decide if it's time for ribbing.)  (It's not.) (It's also not this color.)


8 - A bit of work.  (Nearing a deadline.)  (I'm totally in charge of my own schedule.)  (But still.  Deadlines.)


9 - Ran a bit.  (Without pain.)  (First time.)  (Woo-hoo!)


10 - Some reading.  (But not enough.)  (And I've finally found a really great book, too.)

How about YOU?  What did you do this past weekend?


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Can you please send Tom over here next weekend? I could use his hosta help here. Hooray for painless running and reading a really great book!


Glad you got a run in! And the yard looks terrific, holes and all!


I need to read that book! Sounds like you had a very productive weekend, aside from the four-footed helper.

Denise T.

Your China Cabinet is that blue and white china. Your yard looks great with the yellow chairs. Love the pictures.


I'm so happy that you were able to run without pain! Your gardens are looking great. I have some hostas that need moving, I may be doing the pointing and moral support thing as well!


Congratulations on running again. We spent a lot of the weekend avoiding the downpours that kept recurring all weekend. Your garden is looking wonderful!

kathy b

OH dear, the doggy has fun eh?
We had a bbq on sunday. I visited my mom in the nursing home Saturday and got her to laugh. Brought the staff and her , cookies.
Reading a book: beautiful Eyes. Love it. Simple story of a ER doc who becomes the father of a down syndrome daughter.


LOL - My yellow lab was a digger too! Oh the holes we had in our yard for a while. He did outgrow the habit eventually.


You must have had to hose that dog down to get her clean (and I would bet money you got wet, too). Your yard and your knitting are looking great! I plan to start the same book tomorrow. Today is just a wee bit busy. So happy to hear your pain is abating!


Yay for the run! Someone may have gotten on the back of a tandem...


whew!! y'all need another long weekend to recover! I love seeing your garden change over for's looking so green and colorful already. (and is God in Ruins that good book? It's on my TBR and I cannot wait to read it!)

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