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Friday Mailbag

On Wednesday this week, my Mom and I visited the Chicago Botanic Garden as part of a day-long bus trip out of Kalamazoo.  It was an awesome experience -- even though it was very cold.  (Like . . . near freezing.  Garden staff were covering the freshly planted annuals with plastic at the end of the day.)  I'll share more about the gardens next week, after I have a chance to sort through my photos.

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In the meantime . . . I have a few letters to catch up on.

Dear Fellow Bus Trippers:

Yes.  It was very cold.  Yes.  The Chicago Botanic Gardens are OUTSIDE.  (Gardens?  Get it?)  Yes.  You will be uncomfortable if you wear flip-flops, capri pants, and a jeans jacket on a day that is predicted to be 40ºF.  With maybe rain.  And a good breeze. But, y'know . . . You made a reservation for the trip.  You paid $130.  I assume . . . you are interested in gardens.  And the weather forecast, disappointing as it was, was NO surprise.  I'm glad you were able to find comfort and warmth.  On the bus.  For 5 hours.  While I enjoyed the Chicago Botanic Gardens with my Mom . . . pretty much all to ourselves.  We had a great time.  I'm sorry that you . . . did not.


Dear Lisa-the-Awesome-Vegetable-Gardening-Honcho:

Your vegetable gardens are awesome.  Your walking tour of the fruit and vegetable gardens of the Chicago Botanic Gardens was awesome.  (I wish I could come on Saturdays to your garden cooking demonstrations.)  (So much.)  (Because I'm certain they would be awesome.)  Your passion for growing food was just . . . well . . . awesome!

P.S.  I'm really sorry so many of our group were sour and stinky about how cold they were.  (They were the ones in flip-flops and light spring jackets.)


Dear (Cold) Guy We Met on the Trail of the Waterfall Garden:

It DID feel like we were in another world altogether, didn't it?  I agree with you -- so beautiful, and SO worth stepping out in the cold!


Dear Trouble-Maker on My Bus:

I know just who you were in high school.  You were the Mean Girl.  The Leader of the Pack.  The Queen Bitch.  You may be very used to getting what you want.  And you may think that you can coerce all the rest of the Bus Trippers into demanding an early and immediate departure because it is just too cold to visit an outside garden.  (Especially in your stylin' flip-flops and capris.)  (And your little cheetah-print cardi.)  (And your half-hearted attempt at a scarf.)  Anyway.  I came for the day, thankyouverymuch.  I have been looking forward to seeing these gardens for a very long time.  And I paid attention to the weather forecast and wore layers, hand-knits, AND my down jacket.  (Much as I'd have liked to leave it packed away for the season.)  I will not be denied my time in the Japanese Gardens.  I will see the Model Railroad Garden.  I will take my time in the English Walled Garden.  I will enjoy the gift shop, and maybe even a leisurely cup of tea in the cafe.  You can take your flip-flops and sit on the bus.  You aren't the boss of me.  So there.

PS - That scarf . . . wrapped around your head like that . . . looks really stupid.  Just sayin.


Happy Friday!!!



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oh boy, I wish these letters got mailed for real - sounds like a few folks need to learn some hard truths! can't wait to see photos!


Trips like that would be great . . . if it weren't for the other people. LOL


I'd love to see The Mean Girl's letters! (It's kind of sad how some things never change even though we've supposedly grown up.) Since it was a GARDEN tour, what are those amazing plants in your photo?


You go girl! Calling out the mean girl is right on! Yeah, well look at the forecast. Duh! Happy weekend!


Your experience sounds like on I had on a bus tour in Italy. It was early March, we knew the potential for cold, wet weather, yet several people in our group came without appropriate clothing and kept demanding we cut tours short. Glad you took your time and enjoyed the visit. I would love to visit those gardens!


Yeah!! Man, it's not like we don't have every bit of information (such as a weather forecast) at our fingertips at any given moment! Man, I check the weather in order to get dressed every.single.day!

Thanks for the chuckle. Glad you & your mom had a great day there!


So glad the mean girl did not win out and you continued to enjoy your day in the garden. Looking forward to seeing more and hearing more of your (cold) adventure.


You are the best! Stooooooopid mean girl. Glad you had fun and wore, as Doug would say, the technology!

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