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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. . . Ten on Tuesday Style!


Tom and I love Mexican food!

(And . . . the hotter, the better!)

Over the years, we've been incredibly fortunate to live in a couple of places with excellent, EXCELLENT Mexican food . . . Fort Collins, Colorado (El Burrito anyone?) . . . Austin, Texas (with Fonda San Miguel being one of the highlights) . . . and we've visited many other places, including several locations in Mexico (and Belize -- just south of Mexico; similar cuisine).  (You'll note Michigan is NOT one of the best places for excellent Mexican food.*  At all.  We've had to become really good at cooking it on our own.)


Our favorites?

  1. Thick, chunky guacamole.  (Pretty much . . . with everything.)
  2. Pico de gallo.  With fresh, crisp, slightly warm tortilla chips.
  3. Fish tacos.  (Preferably served with #1 and #2.)
  4. Sopa seca.  (With tortilla chips smashed in for a bit of crunch.  And plenty of sour cream.)
  5. Chicken enchiladas.  (With plenty of sauce, spicy - of course!)
  6. Huevos rancheros.  (No better way to start the day.)
  7. Snapper Veracruz.  (Jalapeños AND green olives.  BOTH make it best!)
  8. Chili Verde.  (Poured over beans and rice and maybe rolled in a fresh tortilla with a bit of cheese.)
  9. Quesadillas.  (With peppers and black beans and corn and a bit of fire.)
  10. Flan.  (Cool.  Creamy.  Rich.)

And, of course, it's all made even tastier with a nice, cold beer!


How about YOU?  What are your favorite Mexican foods?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  


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* When we first moved to Michigan (direct from Austin), we discovered that something called a "wet burrito" was a staple on menus here.  While it might be tasty, it ain't no burrito!  (We've always been too appalled to actually order them, but they're a sort of . . . casserole wrapped inside a GIANT tortilla, and smothered with a lake of mild salsa and cheese.  See someone's fond memory here.  Not really Mexican food, though.)


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Haha, I remember the wet burrito discussion we had while at The Red Iguana! Around here a wet burrito means the lettuce is on the inside. So weird. Anyway, I love your list and I want it all!


Everything on your list sounds delicious!! I'd love to try Snapper Veracruz! I'll be craving something spicy all day. Can't get enough Mexican food, it's my fall back.


It all sounds wonderfully delicious! Like you, we live in a Mexican food desert, but El Burrito is tops on our list of places to eat in Fort Collins next month. I'll be cooking my way through Rick Bayless's books on a friend's reccomendation, but no wet burritos for me!


Every post I've read today reminds me of something to add to my list of Mexican favorites!


We're going to Colorado this summer, so El Burrito is on our list. I've started researching good Mexican places in Colorado, only to find that a lot seem to have closed. Thanks for the recommendation on El Burrito.


It's all pretty humdrum around here, too, though I've heard of a promising new place that just opened!!


We have a lot of good "cheap Mexican" here, but I like homemade better. I've never had Snapper Veracruz (I know, right?!) but jalapenos and green olives on fish sounds delicious!

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