Right Now - May 2015

Bloomin' Friday

Things are really beginning to POP in my garden.  


Here's what's blooming today. . . 

The clematis is exploding everywhere!


(I know someone is going to ask me which clematis this is. . . and, well, I just don't know.  I mean, I have it listed somewhere in one of my garden journals.  But I can't find it quickly.  Besides, I have 8 different types of clematis in my garden -- 4 on that pergola alone.  Please forgive me for not being able to remember which type is which.)

I'm thrilled that my Satomi dogwood is blooming.  


(It's a new tree last season.  It was expensive.  It's a bit fussy.  And the winter was hard.)

My happy little heucheras are dancing in the breeze.


(These are an early-blooming variety called Paris.)  (It's easy for me to remember that one!)

My herb garden is kind of overrun with chives! 


(I don't need that many chives, but I'll wait until after the flower show before I cut them back and dig some out.)

The false indigo is particularly lovely this year!


(It's taken me a long time to find the "just right spot" for this guy.  Tom has moved him for me many, many times.  I think I've finally got it right, now.)

Enjoy your weekend!  I'm heading up north for a few days, so you may not hear from me until the middle of next week.  (But then again . . . you never know.)