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Blink of an Eye

When you welcome children into your life, you get a lot of well-meaning advice . . .

enjoy every moment

it goes by so fast

they'll be grown in the blink of an eye

That blink-of-an-eye part?

Totally true.

Because one day, there was this . . . 

Bath baby

and in the blink of an eye, there was this . . . 




 Please join me in congratulating Brian . . . and his lovely fiancé, Lauren!


I'm so proud of you, Brian . . . and so excited to have Lauren in your life - and, now, our family!

(But, wow.  That growing up stuff really DID go fast. . . )


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Congratulations to Brian, to you, to Tom, and Best Wishes to Lauren as she joins a fun and fantastic family!! (I love the little glint of gold stones in the ring. Are they topaz?)


Such happy news! Congratulations to Brian and best wishes to Lauren. She's a lucky young woman to be marrying into such a terrific family.


Congratulations! Those years always fly by so quickly,but the years to come hold so much joy!


Congratulations to all! Many exciting and wonderful times to come!


Congratulations to everyone on this exciting and wonderful news! Brian has excellent taste in rings and you may get to knit a wedding shawl!


What a happy time for your family. Enjoy!


Congratulations to all of you! What an exciting new chapter for your family (and Lauren's).

Sue N

Congratulations xxx


Congratulations! I remember thinking it didn't get any better than this (a wedding)...until babies came along! The best is yet to be...may you all have endless joy and happiness!


Hurray! They look like a very happy and well-suited couple. All the best wishes for you all!


I'm delighted for all of you! Congratulations!!


Congratulations and Best Wishes to both families! Such an exciting time in ones life. The ring is so pretty!


Congratulations!! And if you think your kids grow up fast, I'm pretty sure the grandkids do it even faster!!

Best wishes to Brian & Lauren!!

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