Things Fall Apart . . . A Riff
A Bit of Pomp and a Whole Lot of Circumstance

A Whole New Season

Later today, I'm heading . . . 


for the weekend.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Heading up to the cottage to begin a whole new season on the lake?

Don't get too carried away with that romantic notion of a relaxing weekend at the lake, though!  The first weekend up there each year is filled with . . . 


raking the leaves

more cleaning


a bit more cleaning


and assessing

(And, please.  Let nothing be broken or in need of immediate repair.)  

(And that's all I have to say about that.)

Still.  I packed my reading and my knitting and my Alabama Chanin project.  Because there will be downtime.

Happy weekend.  

(See you on Tuesday!)



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Once you've had this work weekend, the cottage will be ready for a whole summer's worth of fun and relaxation. Enjoy a great weekend Up North!


The first weekend in the cottage much be one of hard work and lots of elbow grease. Good to hear you'll find time to relax and enjoy some down time! Have a great time!


I know you and Tom will make even the work seem like fun. Enjoy!


I'm facing the same thing with our camper this weekend -cleaning, re-stocking, more cleaning and lots of praying!
Happy weekend to you, Kym!


Ahhhhhhh. Except for the cleaning and the raking and the laundry. And cleaning. ;)

It'll be all spiffy for future weekends of relaxation!


Opening the cabin in the spring is a lot of work, but it holds such promise for good times ahead. Have a good weekend.


Enjoy your weekend!


Have a great weekend...hoping the relaxing out weights the rest of it! xo


wow - I guess it really IS almost summer! Marc reported freezing temperatures when he was up in Saginaw earlier this week...I hope you see nothing but warm blue skies this weekend. and nothing that needs more than a little TLC to get back into summer form. have fun!


No pain, no gain. Well worth the effort, but do take some time for wine and a nice woodsy walk!

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