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Right Now - May 2015

A Visit to a Must-See Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden isn't all that far from my house.

Probably . . . about a 3 hour drive.

But it's a rather nasty 3 hour drive.  (All the way through Chicago. . . past O'Hare airport . . . and into the northern suburbs.)


So, when I found a charter bus day trip, I thought it would be the perfect way to visit the Gardens.  I could let someone else do the driving, and I could still enjoy a day exploring one of my Must-See gardens.  I talked my Mom into coming with me (although, really, it didn't take much talking-into at all).

The weather (as I've mentioned) was pretty crappy.  Cold.  Cloudy.  Breezy.  But . . . at least it didn't rain until we were on the way home.


Although it might have been nicer to see the Gardens on a good-weather day, we did enjoy an almost private experience.  Really . . . everyone else stayed home . . . or sat on the bus.  (Because inappropriate clothing.)


By Mom and I were dressed for the weather in layers and heavy coats and hand knits.

We had a great time!

We had a surprisingly delightful tour of the vegetable gardens.  (We didn't expect to be WOWed, but we were.)




We were delighted by the English Walled Garden (and it was surprisingly warm . . . being walled and all).


(In case you're curious, these Dr. Seuss looking plants are Echium 'Pink Fountain' or Tower of Jewels.  More information here.) (Those are lupines in front.) 



(And, yeah.  That's a poppy field there in the back . . . )


We visited the bonsai exhibit . . . 


 and were charmed by the Railroad Garden.



But, without a doubt, my favorite thing of the entire day . . . was the Japanese Garden.







(Here's my Mom . . . losing her evil spirits on the ZigZag Bridge!)


Despite the crappy weather, we had a fabulous day.  (The Chicago Botanic Garden is open 365 days a year -- always beautiful; always different.  Just be sure to dress appropriately!)


So glad I got a chance to see one of my Must-See gardens!




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That is a glorious garden! The first veggie picture must be some sort of bok choy? The whole garden is full of eye candy color that must pop in the sun. You were intrepid to go during the cold and rain, and being properly clothed truly helped, but the beauty of the garden made your trip worthwhile. Way to go.


It really is amazing and beautiful. Your pictures wouldn't be as good on a bright sunny day so there's that, too. Of course now all I can think is: poppppppies, that will make them sleeeeeeep.


Oh I love poppies so much! What a great day...too bad those bus mates missed out!

Cheryl S.

Glad you got out to the garden - and a bonus for it being nearly empty. Those cabbages (?) are awesome.

I haven't been up to Red Butte for over a month between vacation and the bad weather. But the rain is finally letting up, so maybe today or tomorrow. I'm sure I've missed so much growing activity.


Oh my, it is so beautiful, I am ready to buy my ticket to Chicago. And, a bad weather day would be nearly perfect for a visit (lose the crowds) --if you're dressed properly,


what a gorgeous show! poppies are a favorite and wow! that Japanese garden!! (and kind of cool you had the place to yourselves...yay! for dressing appropriately)

Robin V

This post made me immediately want to head to Chicago to see this. Thanks for sharing your adventure. (and, I loved your Friday mailbag letters about this trip!)


Beautiful!! I visited the botanical garden in Rio on a cloudy almost-rainy day -- one of Annie's friends had mentioned that she loved going then and we took her advice. Cloudy days are also wonderful for taking photos at a place like that -- no harsh glare and light and the colors POP! As evidenced above. ;)

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