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What's In a Name?

When it comes to Ravelry, I was pretty much an early-adapter.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.56.17 PM

Yep.  I am Ravelry #11,638 (and given that there are now, like. . . what?  5 million Ravelers?), that's pretty darn early in the game.


When I first signed up -- and this was BEFORE I ever commented on anyone's blog (although I did read y'all), BEFORE I had cancer, and BEFORE I realized that you just couldn't hide your identity on the Internets), I didn't know what "Ravelry name" to choose.

I mean . . . I couldn't just choose my own name, could I?

(Back in 2007, it was the fashion to choose a "clever" play-on-words kind of name.  Remember?)

So, after weighing my options, I ended up choosing "knitonegardentoo."  And . . . it sufficed.  It reflected two of my personal passions.  It was (ever so slightly) a play on words.  And - best of all - it was anonymous.

After the first couple of years, though, I hated that Ravelry name!

Yesterday, I decided to finally change it.

But . . . to what?  

My preference now, in 2015, would just be my name.  

Kym.  NOPE.  Taken.

How about my blog name?

SteppingAwayFromTheEdge.  NOPE.  Too long.

Related to my blog name?

Edgy.  NOPE.  Taken.

EdgyKym.  NOPE.  Just more stupid.

KymAtTheEdge.  NOPE.  Looks weird.

Quelle dilemma!

Finally, I decided to change my Ravelry name to SteppingAway.

Related to my blog name.  Short.  Easy.  Doesn't look too awkward in print.

So.  There it is!  (I'd rather have just my plain, old name.  But. . . can't.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.56.17 PM

It's super easy to change your name on Ravelry -- and you can do it three times!  So.  If you (too) picked something weird when you originally signed up, you can try something new.  Easy-peasy.

(This is all a long explanation for those of you who have already "friended" me on Ravelry.  I'm SteppingAway now -- but everything else Ravlery-related is on the same Bat-channel as before.)  (And if you haven't "friended" me on Ravelry yet, why . . . now you know where to find me!)

Happy weekend, y'all!


If you want to find out YOUR Ravelry number, just go to your profile page and type the following key sequence (using your arrow keys):  up up down down left right left right b a (those are lower case letters) and your Ravelry number will magically show up under your "member since" statistic.  (Take a screen shot, though, or write it down, because it won't stay there.)


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17,085 reporting for duty. I remember hesitating to sign up...why??? TGIF SteppingAway!


I had no idea what name to use when I was first asked to sign up so I got very creative and picked "margene". #136, talk about early adopter. :)
I like your new name and it fits you perfectly!


I was just admiring admiring "knitonegardentoo" the other day, but I think I can adjust to this change ;) Ravelry growth must have been amazing in the early days; I joined in June 2007 as #1711, and you are #11638 in Sept. 2007. That's more than 9900 people in only 3 months. Have a great weekend, SteppingAway!


Raveler #260482 here. I was a latecomer, wasn't I?
Great new name, Kym.
Have a fun weekend!


My lack of originality worked in my favour, I guess. I'm Viki #7628.


My ravelry number is 31. So there.


Wow, #1724. I didn't realize that I got in so early. I feel like it might be time to update my name, too. Now you've got me thinking...


knitorious - #208! Eight years of Ravelry already!!

I had no idea that we could change our Rav names!

I like my name and it's the same as my blog... it wasn't quite as unique as I'd hoped, though, as the domain and emails were claimed by the time I got around to that part, so have preceded it with a "v" or "vicki" in some instances.


SteppingAway--perfect. Thanks for all the information--I was a late adopter! Happy weekend!


Love your name change! I was lucky to have signed up fairly early and having an odd name insured it wasn't already taken.

Raveler #7583

Cracking up at Carole. :-)


Carole beats me, but only just. 43, and I just used my damn name!


#6324 I remember having to wait a while to get an invitation to sign up.

Cheryl S.

Good choice for the new name.


36930 and I joined in Nov. 2007, just a couple of months after you!


5312 reporting -- and that's just from July. Used my own name, too - though in those days I was still thinking anonymity was desirable and possible. But Ravelry seemed less exposed. Now I feel like having my own name marks me as a (kind of) early Raveler.

Good choice on the name.

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