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We're a Little Bit . . .

When it comes to vacations, Tom and I have very different ideas.  

In fact, when the two of us think about "the perfect vacation," it instantly reminds me of this old schtick from Donny and Marie . . .



When it comes to vacations . . . 


I'm a little bit

  • sit on my butt in the sun while I read for hours
  • (and have the pool boy bring me another Piña Colada, will you?)

OR, I'm a little bit

  • let's visit major world cities, damn the crowds, and see as many sights as possible with very little down time
  • (but with plenty of wine, thankyouverymuch)


 While Tom is a little bit

  • fly-fishing
  • (and keep me away from the crowds!)
  • (and I see plenty of the world for my work, thankyouverymuch)

There you have it!

This is why I go on major-cities-of-the-world vacations with my sister, and why Tom goes on exotic expeditions with his fishing buddies.  And why neither of us minds at all.

(It's also why our cottage up north is perfect for both of us.)  (Without the pool boy, of course.)

But once in a while, we stumble onto the perfect vacation destination for both of us --- like Belize: great beach-y resorts AND world-class fishing mecca!

In Belize, we get up early - together - every day.

Me? I watch the sunrise . . . thinking quiet serenity, photography, art-inspiration.


Tom?  Appreciates the sunrise . . . as the starting gun to a morning full of bone fish and barracuda!


For me, a morning at the pool or the beach, with my book or my knitting (or even my sketch pad) . . . 


 For Tom, a morning in the flats.


Then, we meet up in the afternoon for drinks . . .


and dinner . . .


 and romantic sunsets.


 Really.  Belize is a perfect vacation spot for for us!  A little bit country beach . . . and a little bit rock-and-roll fishing!



PS:  Sometimes I even convince him to hang out at the pool . . .



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We are similar beings. Replace fishing with hiking. I'm looking into St. Lucia because I believe it will keep us both happy! Bring on 2016. But not too soon. Happy Monday Kym!


It sounds perfect and I'm so glad you both found it to be that way.


ah, it sounds and looks perfect...for both of you!


The perfect getaway for you both. Spending time in your own pursuits and having time for togetherness, would be a slice of heaven!


A toast to finding perfection!


Glad you found the perfect place. Maybe you can go back there together again sometime! :D


It truly is the perfect vacation for both of you! My husband also loves fly fishing and I tried it in Alaska. One day my silver salmon was the biggest of the day, but I'd still rather be on the beach or the wildlife day cruise!


Perfect!! That's exactly how we are on vacation (and in life). So far (30+ years), it's working. ;)

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