Halting Progress
We're a Little Bit . . .

Right Now . . . March 2015

 (Yes.  I know it's April already.  I have a lot of catching up to do!)

Well, March.  You made a pretty good showing of yourself, right there at the end.  Way to bring it!  (Although it appears you left just in time for some chilly April showers.)  (At least it isn't snow.)  Basically, though, you were a colorless month.  Drab.  Cold.  Mostly dreary.


And, now. . . done.

Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now . . .

Watching . . . Out my window, I'm watching spring unfold.  (And, friends, there really isn't anything better than that!)  On TV, I'm watching Call the Midwife (I'm such a sucker for that show) and Broadchurch (I'm still on season 1, although I hear season 2 is not as tight).  I tried to watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but I just couldn't.  (I know it gets great reviews.  But, well, let's just say life is too short.  And leave it at that.)

Reading . . . During my vacation, I read and read and read.  Lots of good stuff.  (See the sidebar.)  Right now, I'm reading A Spool of Blue Thread (Anne Tyler) -- and, trust me, I'm going to whip through this one so I can dive into The Golem and the Jinni (which looks most excellent).  I'm also reading Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives (Gretchen Rubin). 


Knitting . . . Right before leaving for vacation, I finished another Deep End (apparently the most addictive knitting experience ever).  I'll post about it another day (I really do have a lot of catching up to do).  I also nearly finished this shawl down in Belize.  And today . . . I'll be casting on for Romi's Mystery Shawl with those gorgeous shades of blue (above).  (Those lovelies are Kim's Opal in Snow Drop and Through the Looking Glass.)  (By the way, registration is still open for Kim's 2015 yarn club.  Head on over and sign up before any remaining slots are gone!  It's a GREAT club.)


Listening to . . . Beck's Morning Phase.  Great album - and totally worthy of the Grammy hype.

Dreading . . . I neglected to take down the Christmas wreath from the front door.  (I rarely use the front door. . .)  You know what that means!


Drinking . . .  Spring must be here.  Because I'm drinking Bell's Oberon!

Planning . . . Pea Pots!  I'm really eager to get to gardening, but it's WAY too early for that.  But.  It's not too early to plant peas.


Humming . . .  David Bowie's Space Oddity . . . Ground Control to Major Tom.  (And I know exactly how this one got planted in my brain.)  (But I'm not telling.)  (1969 David Bowie is a trip.)

Itching to . . .  Run outside.  Or even run at all.  Physical therapy is going well, but I'm not running yet.  Maybe in a couple of weeks?


Delighted by . . . receiving one of Beverly's postcards!  So awesome!

Needing to . . . get the damn taxes done.  ('Nuf said.)

Celebrating . . . my birthday (it was Monday).  You could say that I celebrated my birthday the entire time we were in Belize, but our "official" celebrations will be taking place on Saturday night -- and again on Sunday.

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . right now?



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Guess I'll have to get the Golem and the Jinni. Too many friends are reading it again and giving it high ratings. Good to hear PT is improving your achilles and you'll soon be doing what you love. Here's a clink to you and your birthday celebrations! Birthday's need to go on and on, imo. xoxo


Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a run soon! Enjoy the celebration, I shall clink you tomorrow evening! And I'm drinking Sam's Cold Snap - it's pretty delish!


I'm so glad you're going to read The Golem and the Jinni! Be patient with your PT and you'll be running again just in time for the good weather. Dale is off today so I'm hoping we are going to do something fun along with doing stuff to get ready for Easter brunch here.


Thinking about running is a good thing, as is seeing it on the horizon.


Such hopefulness. We are dealing with the Rocky Mountain gods who give us beautiful sunshine, blooming tulips followed by snow and sub freezing temperatures! Ah well, a few new skeins of yarn will pull us out of the doldrums--I love your blue yarns--just saying! Have a glorious Easter weekend!


Love those two shades of blue together! I don't know if I could do a mystery shawl. I have a hard time buying patterns on Ravelry. Because so many times I get the pattern, and it is too hard or too fiddly or something for me to do. I'll wait until yours is done and then decide - LOL! I love that "Deep End" one. Is it fairly easy?

Linda in VA


these posts really do make me realize how quickly the time passes (and how much I need to get back into the habit of doing them myself!) I haven't been for a run - indoors or out - in months...but all of a sudden, today, I wanted to. must be a spring thing! hope you have a spring-like weekend, my friend, with a wonderful birthday celebration!


Happy belated Birthday!
And Happy Easter!

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