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Right Now - April 2015

April . . .  always a mixed bag.  You just never know what April will bring.  Crazy weather, for sure.  But the beginnings of True Spring . . . with added sunlight and generally warming temperatures.  By the end, April kind of looks like this . . . and I'm thrilled.


Here's what's happening for me . . . RIGHT NOW!

WATCHING . . .  PBS.  Wolf Hall - loved the book; love the series, and Call the Midwife - still charming, although getting a tad routine.  (Where is Chummy???? Did I miss something???  Is she coming back?  Sort of like Sister Mary Cynthia?)  (Just found this. . . she'll be back.)


KNITTING . . . Plugging away on Romi's Mystery Shawl.  (That's it, up there.  I'm sorry if you didn't want to see a spoiler.  But I blurred it, so it's still kind of . . . mysterious.  Besides, there's only one more clue and then it'll be out there anyway.)  I'm not really sold on that middle stripe thing yet.  At all.  But will have to wait to see how it looks blocked and finished.  When I'm not (constantly) knitting on that (to keep up with the clues), I've cast on for this sweater.  So far, so good.  (But I haven't gotten very far at all.)

LISTENING . . . Kinda been in a John Mayer mood lately . . . 


DRINKING . . . More water!  I'm trying to stay a bit more hydrated.

DREADING . . . An upcoming committee commitment that is just . . . well.  Kind of lame.  


REGRETTING . . . Too much too soon, apparently.  A bit of three-steps-forward-one-step-back, so . . . a return to the ice bag.

PLANNING . . . I am planning my "attack" on the last - and hardest - of my Kon-Mari purge zones: my knitting/sewing room, my boxes of "memorabilia," and photographs.  I think a re-read of certain sections of my Kon-Mari "bible" are in order, but I'm nearly ready to DIG IN!

HUMMING . . . A catchy little Weezer tune.


ITCHING TO . . . Sit out on the patio every evening, under my bistro lights, with a glass of wine and something to read.

ORGANIZING . . . All the garden things!


DELIGHTED BY . . . My drawing class.  Why a drawing class?  Because I really want to take a printmaking class.  And maybe a watercolor class.  And "Drawing I" is a prerequisite. So . . . here I am, dusting off the cobwebs (because the last time I took a drawing class was back in college) and - surprise - having a great time!

NEEDING TO . . . Clear off the kitchen island for Tom's return.  (I tend to set out my "projects" on the island when he's away, but never when he's at home.)


ENJOYING . . .  A new morning routine that includes meditation, yoga, and regular journaling.  Sure, I have to get out of bed a bit earlier, but totally worth it!

CELEBRATING . . . An end to physical therapy.  Tom's return this weekend.  My dad's birthday.  And Spring!

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . RIGHT NOW?



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I feel brighter and more Spring-like just reading this! Hope the ice-bag return is very temporary...and I love your new morning routine. I'm getting back into my journaling/quiet time here, too. The day goes so much better when I start it that way.


I hope the ice bag helps you regain only forward momentum, but some sitting is good for knitting and reading. I've KonMari'ed the kitchen, my clothes, and bookcases, but like you, I haven't yet attempted the toughest areas - photos, mementoes, and yarn. Grant us strength and plenty of boxes!


Bummer about the ice again, hope you can really start to see forward progress. I want to watch Wolf Hall but we need to catch up on stuff first - we're behind on Game of Thrones, Outlander and House of Cards. I'm still working on clue 3 of the mystery shawl and I like it but my color change is rather subtle and I think that's why. I hope you wind up loving yours in the end - it's a lot of work for something you might only feel meh about.


Hang in there on the forward/backward tango. Its no fun, but it is the road back and there are no shortcuts. Believe me, I've looked.


Ice, ice baby. And that silly saying about patience! Here's to Tom's return and good luck on the attack. I'm looking forward to a very busy June so May must be spent in the yard. Not so bad!


I'm knitting on my mystery, but a little behind. I love my colors and I'm interested to see where we go on this journey. Listen to your body, take steps slowly, and you'll get back to where you want to be. Your PT gave you a good foundation and you now know the best way to go.


According to T. S. Eliot, "April is the cruelest month". It always comes to mind when the snow falls after a few tantalizingly warm days. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Take care of yourself.


We're loving Wolf Hall!! I love John Mayer, too. Sorry about the setback -- I hope you can get back to normal soon.

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