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Seismic Gardening

Something to Say

Weeds are nature's graffiti.

                           ---Janice Maeditere


(And my lawn has plenty to say!)

Happy May!

I'm planning to spend lots of time in my garden today.
I won't be messing with my "graffiti," though.
(Because . . . secretly . . . dandelions delight me!)


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what a delightful photo - it makes me want to twirl around (and around!) Happy May indeed!


I haven't seen any dandelions yet! A bedraggled dandelion bouquet in a chubby fist is one of the best things ever. ;)


My husband spent last weekend digging dandelions out of the lawn and I worried that I wouldn't have any to wish on. I never should have underestimated them as they are back blooming in full force!


Great shot! Have fun today! TGIF!


I recently learned that dandelions are ambrosia and honey for bees! A great new perspective. Happy weekend in your garden!


I had to share this breaking news with you; apparently May 2 is World Naked Gardening Day. (Google with caution.)


Happy gardening! Yesterday, my dog decided to take a roll in a field of dandelions and they left a couple of yellow stains on her back...reminders of an extra special walk!


Happy gardening! I can't wait to get out in mine this weekend...especially with warmer weather on its way! Naked gardening tomorrow...grab your sense of adventure and go for it! :) Have fun!!


My mother-in-law used to say, "who decreed a weed a weed?" and then she'd let them be.


Bees love dandelions and they say they are a sure way to bring bees into your garden. I love their buttery yellow color and they even sale the greens in the grocery store! Hope your time in the garden feels good to your soul and yields beautiful results.


I am with you but very loudly! I love how a big grassy area looks with them beuatiful dandelions decorating it!


Ohhh.....yay. A gardener who expresses delight in the cheerful yellow dandelon. I (Not so secretly) love their brghtness on a still drab countryside in this neck of the woods. Plus...they actually thrive, unlike anything we plant on purpose. I simply do not understand why we don't congtatulate them on a job well done and let them be.

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