Right Now . . . March 2015

Halting Progress

It's coming.  It might not feel like it some days.  It's a bit one-step-forward-three-steps-backward right now.  But it's coming.

I saw robins yesterday.

The mourning doves are back in residence.

There is Oberon in my refrigerator.

It rained this morning.  (Yes.  Rain.  Not snow.)

And yesterday, I found this . . . 


A busy, trusty bee . . . rolling around in my crocus patch.

Progress may be halting.  But it's progress all the same!



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Excellent! We've discovered a couple of Boone's hidden rawhides in the yard...melting!


Our snow is all gone, I saw a robin yesterday too, and there are shoots of green coming up in my tulip patch. It's crazy early for us but spring is coming! Yay!


We still have snow but there are robins and red winged blackbirds and yesterday I saw the first crocus in my yard. Hooray!


I love how those crocus almost seem to glow and reach for the sun. I'm glad they've providing pollen for that brave bee!


Forward progress means it's spring! We took a step back today after near record warmth. craziness!


Yup, here too! We found some pussy willow buds starting to come out on our walk in the ravine yesterday!


There have been some bees in the yard and the energetic song of the house finches! Today a rain-snow mix--oh well!


That sounds just like spring in Minneapolis. Yesterday it was 83 degrees, tomorrow it will be in the 40s.

Cheryl S.

Bees and crocus! Yay for spring!


Yup, halting progress. The snow is actually melting!


sunshine on crocuses is definite progress. and so is feeling happy about rain ;-)

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