A Perfect Little Getaway
What's In a Name?

Driving Miss JoJo

When we adopted JoJo, she was nearly 9 months old.  Although she was a very well-cared for puppy before we brought her home, she did have a rather unusual beginning to her life.  We knew she would always be a "special needs" dog . . . because she wasn't socialized in quite the "usual" dog way.


JoJo has come along quite nicely in our household.  While still a bit freaked out by some things, she has relaxed and come to understand the ways of . . . oh, garbage trucks and motorcycles, snowmen and blowing leaves.

But there is one thing she's never really adapted to:  driving in the car!

For JoJo, a ride in the car has been a type of torture.  We'd haul her in, and she wouldn't move.  She'd just sit.  Terrified.  She didn't look out the windows.  She didn't lay down.  She just . . . stayed put.  And, often, she'd be throw up.

Taking her to our cabin up north was, well . . . Not Fun.  Our vet helped out with prescription dog-car-sick medication, but at $40 a pop for each round trip, this option is not ideal.

So . . . I've decided to "socialize" JoJo to riding in the car.  I call it Driving Miss JoJo!

Every day, we go for a short car ride.  I make it lots of fun -- with treats and praise and good tunes and open windows.

And we're making progress!  JoJo moves around in the back seat now.  She looks out the windows, and loves to sniff at the fresh air.  (She is especially intrigued with the sunroof.)


She is getting brave enough to put her paws on the front console to check out what's happening in the front seat.


And she'll even lay down once in a while!


Best of all -- no carsick in two weeks!!!

She's also beginning to be excited when I say the magic words, "Let's go for a ride!" (Nothing close to Jenny-level of excitement, but we're moving in a positive direction.

Driving Miss JoJo . . . is proving a worthy undertaking.


Jenny, of course, will only ride shotgun.  ("I'm not sitting by HER.  She gets carsick.")


Disclaimer:  All photos were snapped at traffic stops.