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A Poem in My Pocket

A lot of people I know (most, in fact) don't read poetry regularly.  I'm pretty sure they were ruined by uninspired  English teachers during their school days, and never discovered poetry's delights on their own.  I have a few poems I keep in my back pocket, though.  For those times when I want to show someone how relevant, meaningful, and even FUN poetry can be!  

Here's one of my favorites . . . just for you on Poem in My Pocket Day.

Kym at age 11 1970_2


you wore blue pedal pushers and polka dot tops
saturday mornings
when sun still spoke
through a screenless window above the sink
and the radio rested on its ledge
holding the jive of a dj papa
"the sounds of soul w-o-k-j"
nestled between some newly womanish hips
your hands submerged in lemon joy and breakfast dishes
while the bottoms of bare feet
slopped and
to the four tops
impressions and
you were a girl with dixie peach bangs
and cashmere bouquet sprinkled
in the crease of not long opened breasts
who dreamed of boys
talking in poems
and moving in beauty like marvin gaye
will you remember this girl when you are a woman
will you remember to love her when she dances
across your dreams and kisses you
like a daughter
on the lips?

---Kelly Norman Ellis in Boomer Girls


(And, yeah.  That's me.  Age 11.)


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Beautiful and thoughtful. Thank-you. :-)


It's almost like this poem was written for you! But upon reading it again, I also feel like it could have been written about me. The magic of poetry; thanks for sharing such a good one!


The poem was written for all of us who remember being just that girl. Thank you for sharing a wonderful poem. You're right about people being ruined by school poetry, plus not everyone wants to read and absorb words the way poetry should be read.


I felt like that poem was written just for me! Thanks for sharing. My 10th grade homeroom teacher almost ruined poetry for me. One morning she had Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" written on the board for her 11th grade English class. I just loved the poem and the way it made me feel and so I copied it into my notebook. She asked my why I was copying it and I told her I thought it was beautiful and she replied, "Well that tells me you are not ready for 11th grade English, you don't understand it." Thankfully, my Dad loved poetry and taught me that poetry touches us in ways words can't describe.


That poem is awesome and brings me right back to those preadolescent days of mine. I feel like I'm too impatient to read poetry - I want to read fast and get it done and poems just don't allow for that. It's probably why I don't really like yoga, either.




so perfect! (and I'm having so much fun reading poetry today...finding some new favorites for sure!)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing poetry you love with us. I probably said this already, but you have inspired this lazy English major to READ MORE POETRY! As it did for many of your readers, today's poem captured a part of my life.


I love the poem and the picture of you as a little girl... they took many of us back to our earlier selves...a wonderful stroll down memory lane!

I just read "Before and After" (5/29/14) and have such a heavy heart - you've been through so much and have such a positive outlook on life! I would like to share an old Irish blessing with you..."May the best days of your past, be the worst days of your future." Sending hugs...

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