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A Perfect Little Getaway

I headed to Pittsburgh last Friday to visit Erin.


(This was the view from my hotel window.  That's the Cathedral of Learning on the nearby University of Pittsburgh's campus.  You can see it from everywhere in town.

Erin moved to Pittsburgh 4 years ago - right after she graduated from college - for a graduate program at Carnegie Mellon University.  She ended up liking Pittsburgh a lot, found a job there after her graduation, and stayed! Pittsburgh is only a 6 hour drive from Kalamazoo.  Just long enough to make it a bit of a pain in the ass, but short enough to be do-able for a long weekend.  Although Erin makes it back home a couple of times a year, I haven't been to visit her in Pittsburgh for a long time.

Time for a getaway!

I arrived early enough to visit her at work.


(And embarrass her.)  
(Oh, god, Mom.  Photos?  Really???)  
(Yes. Because that's what Moms do. . .)


We had a great time!  Shopping, sight-seeing, Kon-Mari-ing Erin's apartment, eating.

Erin took me to the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden . . .


So . . .


much . . . 




(As a child, Erin was not interested in plants or gardening at all.  But . . . I notice that's changed!)
(I can't imagine she'll ever knit, though.)


 Erin took me on a quick tour of the Carnegie Mellon campus.


(Erin got her Masters at Carnegie Mellon a couple of years ago . . . Literature & Cultural Studies.  Although I'd driven by with her before, I'd never had a full tour.  She got a little nostalgic.  Just a little.)


We even stumbled onto a yarn bombing!


(And found a little dinosaur bridge stenciling, too. . .)


Pittsburgh is a great place - no wonder Erin likes it so much.  

And - if you're ever in Pittsburgh - make sure you visit Burgatory . . . for the BEST burgers EVER!


What a perfect getaway!!!  (Thanks Erin and Keith!)



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Awesome! I've heard that's a great city, glad you had a nice visit!

Bridget Clancy

As someone who grew up near Pittsburgh, I've known it's great forever! I'm glad other people are finally figuring it out as well.

P.S. Did you ride the Incline???


What an excellent weekend! Next time I visit my sil in PA, I may have to drive by way of Pittsburgh so I can visit the Botanic Garden and Burgatory. That route would only add six hours to the trip, but it sounds well worth it!


Free-roaming Kym, having adventures! Nice.


Erin exudes confidence and capability--just from her pictures. Pitteburgh surprised me--haven't been there since the days of the big smoky steel mills--it's dynamic and pretty. I am guessing this is the best time of year to go!


How fun to have an extended visit with Erin. I missed you, though!


Gardens, burgers and time with your girl in a great city! Sounds like a superb weekend!


So glad you got to visit Erin!
When I first looked at the picture of Erin at work, I thought I want a job like that. She's got crayons on her desk. On closer inspection, I see that they are highlighters. Shucks! :D

Cheryl S.

What a nice weekend!


ahhh...what a great weekend! I've only been to Pittsburgh a few times (for business) - it looks like a great place to live...and visit!


Oh, how fun!! That's my kind of get away!

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