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Yeah.  I know that our clocks went springing forward last weekend.  But this weekend?  Everything else is springing forward!


After a few sustained days of temperatures over the freezing mark, much of the snow is melted (there are still plenty of big piles left . . . but I choose to focus my gaze on the exposed ground).


It's such a treat to drive with the sunroof open again!  Some People are able to get back outside for a run or a long walk with their dogs.  (Although Some People are not.*)


Garden Buddha is smiling and snow-free -- a sure sign that things are springing forward!


*  Some people are sidelined with peroneal tendinosis.  Physical therapy begins tomorrow. 





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Hopefully PT will be the trick that helps you overcome. Love your sandals and red toe nails. Truly looks like spring in your neighborhood!


Yay! It's sandal weather!
Hope your ankle heals very, very quickly. I bet Jenny and Jo-Jo do too...


Hello Garden Buddha! From a fellow peroneal tendon patient, I hope pt brings relief. Make sure you do your band exercises!


Best of luck with the PT. Starting the road to recovery.


Boooooooooo! I hope that the PT brings you some relief. Take it slow my friend!


I'm so happy for a little sandal weather!! And so happy to see your Buddha! Good luck w/PT!!


Spring certainly is springing forward where you are! Enjoy! Good luck with PT and I hope it brings you some relief soon.


I'm sorry that the injury isn't getting better on it's own. At least you can drive to PT with the sunroof open!

Cheryl S.

Ohhh... too bad about the PT. But I'm so glad to see that Buddha is finally snow free.


hope you heal quickly! (looks like you're taking the right steps...no pun intended!) I'm sure you can't bear to lose any of this new Spring energy. I know I can't!

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