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I've never really understood the point of Daylight Savings Time.  I mean, I know the history and theory behind it, but I just don't . . . get it.  Because we have an extra hour of daylight in the evening, sure.  (And that's nice.)  But it's only because we stole it from the morning.  (And that's helpful how?)

Anyway.  I'll adjust in no time at all!


Now that we have that "extra" hour of daylight (not really) (because we just stole it from the morning), Carole asks us what we're going to do with it.  (Which, of course, is complicated by the fact that there is still a whole lot of snow out there.)  (But it's melting fast this week.)  

Here's what I'll be doing with my "extra" daylight:

  1. Driving Tom crazy with my exclamations like, "I can't believe it's already 7:00!  It's so light out!"
  2. Countered, of course, with my early morning exclamations like, "How can it be 6:30?  It's so dark!"
  3. Thinking about using the grill again for dinner plans.  (Once the patio melts and the grill is accessible again.)
  4. Noticing how awfully dirty my windows are after the winter.
  5. Thinking about gardening.
  6. Dreaming about gardening.
  7. Planning my garden.
  8. Seriously thinking about planting some greens and peas. (As soon as the patio melts enough that I can place some pots out there.)
  9. Enjoying expanded options for walking the dogs.  (Because I never walk them early in the day.)
  10. Feeling energized!  Because whatever you think of Daylight Savings Time, it is certainly energizing to have more daylight at the end of the day!

How about YOU?  What are you doing with "more daylight"?


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I thought about shoveling a path to the grill yesterday but think I can wait a bit longer. Let's enjoy all the garden planning now that it feels like it won't be winter forever; peas in pots sounds interesting!


We're having hot dogs and potato salad tonight to celebrate "spring". And your #1 made me chuckle...I did that so many times last night!


I love every minute of the extra light. Walking, being out any way possible, watching the sunset. I'm loving it!


Our snow is melting fast and leaving behind a sea of mud! We are moving in the right direction!


I thought my windows were the only ones that were so dirty! Time to clean them (first I have to take the insulating plastic off them!).


I'm not so crazy about having to adjust, but I am enjoying the "shifted" daylight. (They way we're all supposed to be "adjusted" by tomorrow.) I'm pretty sure Rusty was on the receiving end of my own #1 exclamation last night!!


When I was still teaching, I left for school at 6 a.m. (the school schedule was terribly hard on teenagers and almost equally hard for some teachers). Just as there was light on my early morning drive-wap-DST began and driving in the dark resumed. Now I adjust a bit better, other than forgetting to cook dinner on time.


Dirty windows. Ugh. That extra daylight sure does a great job highlighting the dirt and dust.


The only 2 positives in DST is I now get to see beautiful sunrises when driving DS to school in the morning and more light later. Otherwise I do agree with you. I too am dreaming of planting early veggies in my deck planters. Our deck is cleared of snow with each snow storm so the grill is available all winter long. :-)


1-4 on your list sound just like me! We must have patient husbands.


My mom had a cousin that thought she had lost an hour of her life until the fall when the clocks changed back again. She always said she sure hoped she wouldn't die during the summer because an hour had been stolen from her! Crazy relatives!


I'm still in the sluggish/adjusting to getting up at 4am phase...but it will pass quickly, I hope - especially when you share GARDEN stuff here!

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