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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 


(Have you ever noticed how really creepy leprechaun images are????)  (Really. Creepy.)

Here at the Mulhern house, we take our St. Patrick's Day somewhat seriously.  We don't go overboard or anything -- but we generally wear green, eat corned beef and cabbage, and wash it down with Guinness.  Tom, who spent quite a lot of time in Ireland early in his pharmaceutical career, has an exceptionally good repertoire of Irish songs and ballads, and, as St. Patrick's Day nears, he is often called upon to "perform" (he is a Big Hit at parties and drinking sessions . . . just sayin').  As a special St. Patrick's Day treat, here is Tom . . . performing "Sick Note" . . . just for y'all!


And, with that, here's what I would do . . . should I ever find that elusive pot of gold:

  1. Buy a round of Guinness for everyone!
  2. Save a bit.
  3. Give some away.
  4. Travel.
  5. Travel some more.
  6. Upgrade my kitchen.
  7. Build a little greenhouse.
  8. And a clever potting shed.
  9. Put a screened-in porch on the cottage.
  10. Travel some more.

How about YOU?  What would you do . . . if you found the pot of gold?


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Thank Tom for the St. Patrick's Day entertainment! I also have a greenhouse on my list; it would so wonderful to be able to start my garden seeds in one (instead of my cobbled-together arrangement of shelves in the basement with grow-lights!)


Paddy certainly deserves a day off! Good job, Tom!
We all have a nice mix of fun and practical on our lists. Maybe we'll meet up during our travels! I hope so!

Lydia S

Endless travel-yep I could agree to that.


The Irish is strong with this one! Bravo, Daddy!!

As for the pot of gold, I'd do three fairly selfish things:

--Pay off loans
--Rent or buy a lovely home
--Get a dog


I think travel made it onto most of our lists! We know how to live!


That poor Paddy--he must look creepier than tne leprechaun! I'm all in with the travel, travel, travel!


Love the tune!!

I have lots of travel or destinations -- or means for travel -- on my list!!

Not a single thing for my house...


Excellent job, Tom! But poor Paddy. O.o
I hope you find your pot of gold so you can do all the things on your list!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Barbara S

Great singing! Thanks for that and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


Thank-you Tom! What a treat! And there is nothing better than a screened in porch is there?


Thanks for the Guinness. I love the idea of a greenhouse too!


Love Tom's singing! And that's a great list, too.


:-) ah ...mirror opposites here. you travel (a lot. and a lot more) and I stay home (and nest. a bit more). I wish you the luck because I'd love to read all about your travels and escapades. xo.

kathy b

Our screened porch on our home is one of the BEST things we have ever done to it. We agree, our next house will have to have a screened porch as well or we will build one


I listened to every single word of Tom's song and loved the ending. So sorry I missed it on St. Paddy's because on that day I was, in fact, traveling.

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