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Breaking Away

Friday Mailbag


Dear Lone Little Crocus:

You are so brave.  Or maybe just an overachiever.  Also foolhardy.  You let the warm sun wake you up just a little bit earlier than the rest of your clan, and now, of course, it is quite cold again.  But thank you for shining your lovely little self in my garden.  And giving me hope for what is to come.


Dear Kathy-the-Physical-Therapist:

I'm sorry I cried in PT yesterday.  You must think I'm a total flake.  Let me explain myself.  At our first evaluation meeting, I was really kind of disappointed when you went on and on about my tendinitis problems being caused by the way I walk and the way I stand and the way I balance on one foot and the way my toes grip (or don't grip) quite right.  I mean, I've been dancing and balancing and walking and running all my life.  And pretty well, thankyouverymuch.  (Of course, not right now.  Because pain.)  But I decided to give your approach a try.  And yesterday, after doing the exercises you put me through on the balance-y ball ankle board, I started to think you might be on to something.  I could feel some muscles and tendons doing work that they hadn't done in a while.  And after those exercises, when you asked me to rise up on my toes on my bad foot (something I hadn't been able to do at all at the beginning of our session), I was a total skeptic.  But when I did it -- when I rose up on my toes without any pain (for the first time in 4 weeks) -- I cried.  Kathy, I am sold.  Bring it.


Dear Grammar Police:

Thank you for expanding your rather tight little universe of prepositions to include the much beloved because.  I have been a fan of the "prepositional-because" for a while now, so it's nice to know I won't be cited for linguistic misuse.  I love it when usage drives grammar, because evolution (baby).  (Although I will not give up the Oxford comma.)  (Because.)


Dear Fellow Members of a Dying Club:

If you keep doing things the way you've always done them, you'll keep getting the results you've always gotten.  And, lately?  Those results have not been good.  Just sayin.


Dear Blog Readers:

We had a wonderful time in Chicago, my Mom and I.  The Flower & Garden Show was . . . well . . . a breath of spring air!  (My Mom also had a make-over at Macy's, which was maybe more fun than the flower show.)  Anyway, you'll have to wait awhile to hear about it.  Because vacation.  (Tomorrow.)