A Little Fun on Friday
Spring Forward

Change in the Air

Sure.  There's still a long, long way to go. . . 


But . . . there is CHANGE in the air!

The dogs sense it.


Garden Buddha can feel it.


I can see some grass again.  (Okay.  I know it's because the plow scraped low.  But still.)


And the parade of March garden conferences has begun.


Best of all . . . THIS!


(Tom spent a lot of time on Saturday clearing the nearest storm drain and creating a "path" for water flow.)  (My Hero!!!)

Definitely a change in the air.  (And it sure feels good!)


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It's been in the 40s all weekend and I can feel Spring in the air. What I'm excited about is the Chicago Garden Show next week! This is a first for me and I am so looking forward to it.


I felt it this morning, too. And we're supposed to b e in the 40s all week. Melt, melt, baby!


Isn't it wonderful!! There's nothin' but melting going on over here... water's flowing, birds are chirping, sun is shining, the weather feels WARM-er-ish.


We're getting there! Wednesday could be a beach day! ;-)


Yay for a good thaw! The garden Buddha can see again! So happy to see you all enjoying the sun again.


Yup. I agree. The sun has more strength now too. Melt that snow! :D


You are ahead of us on the thaw, but I have high hopes!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay



You are right--the feeling in the air is so reassuring and as much as my creaky body hates adjusting to the time change, the extra light in the early evening is glorious!


I'm so happy to see Garden Buddha's head beginning to peek out!


Garden Buddha knows! I saw a 50 in Madison's forecast for this week. Hope some of that warmth gets to you, too!

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