Friday Mailbag

True North

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."
                                                                                                      ---Douglas Adams

My mom has a compass necklace -- with a tiny, real, working compass.  She wears it whenever someone in the family is traveling.  It's not that she's superstitious . . . it's more about keeping the people she loves close to her heart when they're in transit.

She's done this for a long time now.  Many years.  When I'm on the road, it always gives me a warm feeling to know my mom has her compass on!  

As I started thinking about symbols for my own JOURNEY this year, I decided I wanted a compass necklace of my own.  I found one here that I particularly liked.  It's not a working compass - like my mom's.  Instead, it's a silver casting of compass rose wax seal, and it is lovely to wear.


I can take comfort in knowing that even though I don't know exactly where I'll end up on this journey of mine, I'll always be able to figure out where I am!


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Beautiful! You'll wear it well my friend!


Your compass is beautiful - I hope it will guide you through many grand adventures this year! I was very touched reading about your mom's real compass, and how she uses it to keep all of you close to her very sweet!



Very touching idea of your mom's. I can see where you get your thoughtfulness.


What a lovely reminder - and perfect for a (your) Journey. How cool that your mom's necklace is a real compass! When Marc travels, I like to wear a heart necklace he gave me years ago.


Your compass rose is wonderful reminder of all the places you've been and that all roads lead home. Your mom had a great idea that you made your own. May all your travels be happy!


I thought she wears a birth stone necklace when we all travel? I did not know of this compass necklace...


Ahhh, lovely! What a sweet thought.

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