Friday Mailbag: Funny Valentines
Getting Through It . . .

The Winter BLAHs Have Set In

It's that time of year.  Mid-February.  And I am. . .


The snow.
The ice.
The below-zero temperatures.


Just ready to move on.

I can't seem to muster a cohesive blog post today, so bear with me for a bit of this and that.

Big news . . . Brian and his lovely Lauren have adopted a rescue cat.


Meet Chandler . . . a Very Lucky Fellow!  


My "Christmas" cactus has decided to bloom for Valentine's Day this year.


A bloom AND evidence of sunshine in the same photo.  
(Of course, it WAS -6˚F at the time.  So there is that.)


I gave Tom a chocolate heart for Valentine's Day.


Now, it looks like this.


(Only the icky-cremes are left.)

(He gave me a lovely bottle of wine.)

(It is similarly . . . depleted.)


Kalamazoo is hosting the U.S. National Curling Championships this week.  We went to watch the opening games on Valentine's Day.


Tom was excited, because his Friday night league got to play on the "official" ice to "break it in."


I love this photo that one of his teammates took on Friday night.  It makes it look like Tom is playing in the National Championships!  (Such fun.)


And that's it for this freezing cold morning.  Stay warm.



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It's bitter cold here today, much colder than it usually gets. Hey, at least it's not snowing! Love that photo of Tom. And yay for a new kitty in the family!


I like your this and that post. Lotsa interesting little 'em all!
Stay warm! :)


Lucky kitty! The cactus blossom is just the thing to brighten a cold morning. Valentine's Day is much more fun when you've been married for awhile. Tom looks awesome! He takes his fun seriously!
It is much colder here today than it's been the last 2 weeks...47 for a high. Our normal is 43. But, don't worry we'll be back into the balmy 60s on Wednesday.


It's frigid near Newport, RI this morning - coldest we've ever seen it! But at least the sun is shining! We tried all weekend to make reservations for some warm island sunshine- anywhere - but our last minute travel plans didn't work out:( Finished a sweater for my husband, baked, cooked, had friends over for dinner, went out for brunch and look forward to an early spring!


The decimated heart picture is pretty funny.


That's a great picture of Tom! I've got a frowny face from this stupid cold and snow. Chandler is cute enough to turn that frown upside down though. Happy Monday!


I am with you!! And I might add that I'm sick of my "white" car!! It's actually a gray car. Man, do I ever need to get to the car wash... but that's not really the greatest idea when it's below freezing. BLAH!!!


On the plus side, at least the days are getting longer.


Colorado (and Utah) have had a long string of springlike days. Although, as Margene said, all we can do is enjoy, it is a bit scary. My tulips are about two inches high and I wonder what "spring" will bring. (As you know springlike days do occur in Colorado,winters, but not in the 70's or weeks in succession.). Do I believe in climate change. Well, yes!


It's probably no consolation, but I think many of us (myself included) are suffering from the same malady. I hope cute cats, bright blooms, chocolate, wine, and curling help a bit. I would welcome a guest post from Tom someday explaining curling a bit so I can think of it as more than sweeping the ice in front of a heavy stone. (I need "Curling for Dummies!)


You did better than I did. I took some pictures, edited them, went to log on and couldn't remember the password, so what little ambition to post flew away. Perhaps tomorrow. ;-/

Love the almost empty box of chocolates!!


I'll take those chocolate creams. Your bah!humbug winter blues have cheered up a lot of souls. Valentine cactus, curling Tom, Brian and Chandler arm in arm (sorta). I got nuthin 'cept a whole lotta snow.

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