Psssst!  I'll let you in on a secret . . . 

An artist
deep inside me.

(I've decided . . . to let her out.)

I wanted part of my JOURNEY this year to include creative expression.  But.  Heck.  How do I do THAT . . . when I've been suppressing this whole artist-living-inside me thing for most of my life?

no time
where would I start?
no talent
people would laugh

I just can't.

Yes.  I could see that I would need to tread lightly here.  Because I was clearly running right up against that most formidable opponent . . . my Inner Critic.  But the more I thought about including ART - and the creating of it - on my JOURNEY, the more I felt the pull of of wanting to do it.

I've been following/reading Carla Sonheim's blog (author of The Art of Silliness) for awhile, and I've been tempted to try some of her online classes.  She seems to have a gentle, generous, inclusive approach to art.  

But.  Inner Critic.  (So I didn't.)

Early in December, though, I stumbled onto Carla's year-long online art course with her friend and fellow artist, Lynn Whipple.  Just the name of their course - The Year of the Spark - called to me.  The more I read about it, the more perfect it sounded.  Their promotional materials made it look fun and light-hearted and non-threatening.  They described the course as being "all about art, and how we can infuse more of it into our lives.  More art, more creativity, more inspiration, more motivation, and more fun."  

It seemed to be . . . just what I was looking for.

But I hesitated.  I agonized over it for days . . . 

should I sign up?
could I do it?
would people laugh?

(that damn Inner Critic . . . )

Finally, just before the New Year, I did it.  I signed up.  I freaked out a little.  But I signed up.


And . . . you know what?  I'm really having a great time.  It's FUN.  I'm trying new things and learning all sorts of art-y stuff.  The "Spark community" is diverse (artists and non-artists alike, from all over the world) and safe and supportive.  (Like, well, no one is laughing.  Out loud, at least.)  

I'm really glad I'm trying this.  It's definitely out of my comfort zone, but it's just where I need to be right now.  And I'll even share some of my "work" with you!  (Just . . . don't laugh.)

The result of lesson #1. . . (Guess who???)

J-pups pencil and pastel jan 2015 - Jan 20, 2015, 9-58 AM

(Feeling the pull of The Spark yourself?  It's not too late to sign up and join in. . .)




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Jo-Jo and Jenny! See how good you are? I knew right away!
Have fun getting art-sy!


I'm laughing because they're so cute, so perfectly Jo-Jo and Jenny. It's easy to see you have an inner artist that's needed to play! Can't wait to see what else you create!


That sketch of the dogs is absolutely adorable! And well done, too. I can barely draw a stick figure so I'm quite impressed and very glad the class is working out so happily for you.


Gosh, that sounds like fun! Your sketch is great and seems to capture the sweetness of your dogs. Now I'm off to peruse the various classes they offer.


Hey girls!!! You need to frame that! Good for you - enjoy every single minute. ;-)


Awww, that's a great drawing of your pups!! SPARK. That is perfect.


Good for you!! Both of my kids used to draw fairly well and really enjoyed it until all the fun got sucked out of art by a mean middle school art teacher. My youngest and I just talked last weekend about getting back to the fun of art, in spite of mean Mrs. L, and it looks like you've already done that. Thanks for sharing your work!


Good job silencing the inner critic long enough to take this step forwards. It does sound like fun!


So full of personality. I can't wait for your next picture!


You've only just begun??? Your first piece is a masterpiece! I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler! I don't believe in coincidences...this is meant for you this year...just take a look at that "sparkly" name! Wishing you a grand adventure and so much fun along the way!!!
My grandmother never picked up any art supplies in her life, and enjoyed a watercolor class in her early 80's - and she was more than good at it! You just planted another seed in my head...please send me more hours in the day!


Sounds like a perfect adventure for you! and you did a great job with your first lesson (how did you get the dogs to sit still and model? ;-)


I am SO glad you are doing this!!! You know how I feel about Spark and I am happy you are allowing yourself to sparkle in may be a zone you are not completely comfortable with, but you are still doing it. Yay you!!


Your fur babies look like puppies I'd like to scratch behind the ears!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

So cute! Enjoy the creative exploration!

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