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One Little Vision

One of my favorite "prompts" from Ali Edwards' One Little Word program is always making a vision board.


The project is simple and "old school":  look in magazines for images and groups of words that inspire, and put them together as a vision board.

Although you won't find me creating a OLW scrapbook, I am all over the vision board!  I've always loved collecting images and words from magazines and catalogs -- ever since I was a little girl.  In the days before Pinterest, I used to keep files and notebooks full of stuff I'd clipped . . . for inspiration.  So this project is right up my alley.

Over the course of the month, I've looked through random magazines and clipped out things that just resonated for me.  This past weekend, I sorted through everything, and started grouping them together on a 16x20 inch canvas board.

It's always pretty fascinating to see how it all comes together - because themes and messages emerge.  This year, I was surprised by the uniformity of color in my images, and "action" words I found.  Here's a closer look at my board.

The upper left corner . . . 


The upper right corner . . . 


The lower left corner . . . 


 And the lower right corner (my favorite). . .  


I love making vision boards -- and I'm pretty sure this one will inspire me all year long!