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(My apologies for blog-challenges yesterday.  I heard from many of you that you couldn't break the Typepad code and leave a comment.  Hope it's working today.  Let me know if it's still broken!)


With Valentine's Day coming right up, L-O-V-E is in the air!

It goes without saying that I L-O-V-E the special people and dogs in my life.  
But . . . what else do I L-O-V-E?

Let me count the ways things!


I L-O-V-E . . . 

  • rock-n-roll (so put another dime in the jukebox, baby. . .)
  • running and jumping and moving
  • making things
  • a good story
  • yoga
  • poetry
  • playing around with color
  • watching my gardens come to life
  • experimenting and learning new things
  • putting my feet up and relaxing, preferably with a glass of wine

How about YOU?  What do you L-O-V-E?


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I wish it wasn't so long until the gardens come to life...I think I need to stop in a greenhouse just for a whiff of the smell of damp dirt and green growing things! Love it! :)


Your list is you...perfectly you.


Rock 'n roll! I can't believe I didn't think to add music to my list. Yours, as Margene said, is perfectly YOU!


Playing around with color while listening to rock and roll. Now there's a good one! Excellent list.


Thanks for some inspiration in your list! I'll be playing with color in my mind (yarn and flowers!) while I listen to some kick-ass music and get my exercise clearing the driveway of ice and snow.


Great list! But, I did miss the knitting smile.


I love you list! And I, too, love Rock and Roll.


I love your list! Typepad wasn't my friend yesterday, so here goes nuthin'.


Rock and roll! Great list, great you!


Love your list...totally forgot the "oldies" when I responded to Carole's blog. I can't believe that happened...we have music playing all the time and love it! Thanks for sharing!


fun list! and a great ear-worm to start my day!


Wonderful list!! I can't wait for garden-coming-to-life time!

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