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Hot Tub Time Machine


Right now, when we're busy setting coldest-temperature-ever-in-recorded-history records (day after ever-lovin' day) here in Michigan, ANY kind of hot tub sounds pretty darn good.


But a Hot Tub Time Machine?  Now that might get interesting!

Here are some events or time periods I'd like to visit . . . if I happened to have access to a Hot Tub Time Machine of my own.  I'd like to . . .

  1. Take part in a Women's Suffrage march.  (Votes for Women!)
  2. See Roger Bannister break the four-minute mile.
  3. Be in the audience for a Lincoln-Douglas debate.
  4. Share a bottle of wine with Ernest Hemingway and his friends at Les Deux Magots in Paris.
  5. Get high at Woodstock.
  6. Take a seat at Shakespeare's first-ever production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  7. Go to school with my mom when she was a little girl and play together at recess.
  8. Hang out and knit with Elizabeth Zimmermann.
  9. Pan for gold in the California gold rush -- and hit it BIG.
  10. Be in the stands for the Miracle on Ice.

How about YOU?  Where would you want to visit . . . in the Hot Tub Time Machine?


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I really like 7 and 8! I think I'll head back to 1905 to spend some time with my grandmother during her childhood, then maybe visit EZ in the 60s or 70s. See you there!


You have the best list! Hanging with EZ would be so cool.


That IS the best list! There are a few of those places I'd like to go with you! ;-)


I like #7 the best! I'd like to go back to my grandmother's childhood time too.

Denise T.

I LOVE your #7! I would absolutely love to do that with my mom. Interesting list!!!


Your creativity knows no bounds.

Lydia S

Great list-my boss's dad was with Hemingway in Paris during the liberation-boy I'd have like to have been a fly on that wall!


You win the prize for the most interesting list! A good friendmof mine knitted with EZ--I've always been jealous!


I'm so with you on #5 and we'd know enough to bring the rain gear. And I think #7 is such a sweet idea!


Getting high at it!


Elizabeth Zimmerman! (wish I'd thought of that myself) - very cool list, Kym!


Absolutely love your list! You have a crazy wild imagination!! :)

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