The Winter BLAHs Have Set In
Always With Me

Getting Through It . . .


The forecast is in.

More snow.
More frigid.
Maybe a little tease.
And then more frigid.

So. Sick. Of. It.

Once the Winter BLAHs set in, there is only one way to Get Through It.

Look forward to . . . something else.


Right now, I'm looking forward to:

  1. Heading south.  (Belize Countdown = 31 Days)
  2. Time in my garden.  (Heck.  I'll be happy when Garden Buddha shows his shoulders again.)
  3. Sitting on the dock.  (And maybe even dipping my toes in the lake.)
  4. Cooking on the grill.  (Just getting to the grill would make me happy.)
  5. Sitting on my patio and sipping a glass of something.  (Without a coat.)
  6. Taking the dogs for a walk without YakTrax on my shoes.  (And sans wool layers and long underwear, too.  Thankyouverymuch.)
  7. Hearing lawn sprinklers pop out of the ground.  (Seeing grass.  That would be nice.)
  8. Being about to run outside.  (Sure.  It's a treat to have access to an indoor track for running all winter.  But it is the epitome of tedium.  I crave . . . scenery.)
  9. Fireflies, flip-flops, a bit of a tan, and pedicures that matter.  (Really dreaming now.)
  10. Who am I kidding???  I'm looking forward to temperatures in the 30s (F) and not having to use the seat heater every time I get in the car.

How about YOU?  What are you looking forward to right now?


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You've written a lovely list that reminds me that warmth and spring will return. I'm a bit concerned about Garden Buddha, but he's probably taking it all in and letting it go (and maybe wishing he was doing that in Belize!)


You could come to Utah and do almost all of the things on your list, seriously. It's crazy. We've had to water, we've worn sandals, I've heard lawn mowers, and we'll. Winter has been fickle. Belize! How wonderful the rain forests and warm air will be!


Oh bring me, bring me! ;-) Thanks for the warm and inviting thoughts this morning.


I think a lot of us are looking forward to the exact same things! I can't wait to see some green grass.


Temps in the 30s sounds heavenly and that's really pathetic. Great list and Belize will be here before you know it!


All of these sound wonderful. Outside on the deck sounds so nice right now!


Oh yeah... GRASS!!

Honore Francois

Love your list; tho' we've not be hit with all the snow, we've had our share of cold…and right now, green grass caressing bare feet sounds ideal. Enjoy Belize!


Yup...dreaming of all that you listed. We are in the deep freeze now with a strong wind. Brrr...


I, too, am looking forward to all things warm. Wish I was heading for Belize!! Have a good week


Those are several of my favorites too: flip flops, grilling, sitting on the dock, yes, even the sprinklers popping up!

kathy b

OH those are fun things to look forward to in spring. Its still mid winter sign of flip flops


We've had below-freezing temps for four consecutive weeks. I'm over winter and your list made me happy! Belize sounds yummy!

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