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Friday Mailbag


 Dear Mr. Frost:

You do create a lovely landscape.  There is something almost magical about watching the sun hit your handiwork on the hills and trees and rooftops of my neighborhood.  Brilliant!  And the patterns you create on my garage windows?  Nothing short of stupendous.  Really.  Each pane is a little miracle.  Still, despite the beauty you create, I have this to say to you:  Hit the road, Jack!  (And don't you come back no more. . .)


Dear Ryka Shoe Company:

We've had a long relationship, you and I.  Oh, I know it's been a bit rocky for the last two years -- but for the previous ten years, we were constant companions.  How I loved your old studio dance shoes!  The support was perfect for my every leap and spin.  The quality was excellent, and I could count on getting 6 solid months of wear out of each pair.  And the fit?  Why, Cinderella's glass slipper comes to mind.  Sure, your shoes weren't particularly attractive in a "fashion forward" kind of way, but who cared?  You were so consistently perfect for so long.  But then . . . you changed!  First, your quality slipped.  Odd seams were splitting.  Soles cracked.  Problems you never used to have.  And then, well . . . your standard studio shoes disappeared completely . . . and you replaced them with pretty faces.  Suddenly, you were all about being "on trend," playing with colors and patterns and such -- like you were Nike or something.  I didn't want hot teal shoes that fell apart and made my knees hurt.  I wanted my plain, old, ugly, black studio shoes!  I'll admit it . . . I started looking around.  I had flings with Capezio and New Balance.  Where did it get me?  Metatarsal issues and a flare-up of my Achilles tendinitis.  So I'm back.  But I'm still not happy with you.  At all.


Dear Jenny and JoJo:

I know you're used to a walk every morning when I return from the gym.  But really, we can't go right now.  Because the temperature is -15ºF before the wind chill.  Too cold.  Just too friggin' cold.  You'll have to trust me.  STOP LOOKING AT ME WITH THE SAD DOG EYES.  Maybe next week. . . For today, I'll make it up to you by giving you a ride in the car.


Dear Garden Buddha:

I haven't forgotten you.  Please continue to hold down the fort until the thaw comes.  



Happy Friday!  (Stay warm.)





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Happy Friday! Metatarsal...oweeeee. I understand unfortunately. And Jenny and JoJo - know that Boone feels your pain and his mother believes a car ride is an excellent make-up too. ;-)


My Abby shares in the sorrow of your Jenny & JoJo that it is just too cold to go for a walk. Have a great weekend!


Yeah, Jack, listen to Kym! Maybe you could dig Garden Buddha out and take him for a ride in the car also? That little domed bump of snow looks so sad!


I would also like to see Jack hit the road! Buh bye! I had a pair of Rykas back in the day, now I wear Brooks for everything.


The idea of giving Garden Budda a ride in the car is pretty darn funny! I feel your pain aboutthe shoes--why do these manufacturers think they need to jump into the market spots where every other manufacturer is? One of the mysteries of the universe.


Jack does beautiful work. I wouldn't mind having him visit for just a short time. He could be the snow goddess with him, too. At least you know Garden Buddha is still there.


I'm sure Jenny & Jo-Jo will forgive you when they get a ride in the car.
Happy Weekend!!


I really enjoy it when you start writing letters! They always make me smile. Maybe this could be a topic in your rotation? I vote for digging Garden Buddha up. He deserves a ride in a nice warm car. I won't tell you what temperature it is in San Antonio today. That would be mean. But we are headed back into the 50s during the daytime early next week. Wishing we didn't have to wait 18-20 years between snows. Stay warm!


hope some sort of thaw comes your way soon! for a short month, February has seemed like one l-o-n-g winter!

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