Never Break the Chain. . .
Friday Letters

Wearing My Word

When it comes to my one little word, I've discovered that I like to have visual reminders of my word around me.  I usually try to find some inspiring piece of art featuring my word to display in my house, and I like to find "wearable" versions of my word.

This year, I ordered some MantraBand bracelets for my journey . . .


I love them!  They are slender and subtle and clink in a delightful way when I wear them all together.

The MantraBand company turns out to be pretty cool, too.  Their mission is simple -- they want to inspire and empower with positive messages.  (And they support a great cause, too.)

Even their packaging is thoughful and inspiring.


Wearing my word . . . is a great reminder.  
(And it looks cool, too.)