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 I am not really a "shoe person."  Oh, I have plenty of shoes, mind you.  But mostly because my shoes serve various purposes in my life or in my wardrobe -- not because I just "have to have them."  (It is very different thing with handbags and totes.  Those . . . I just "have to have.")

As we talk about Ten Kinds of Footwear We Own, this week, I'll share what I wear on my feet regularly -- during the winter months, that is!


1.  My Keen "faux Crocs" (same Croc concept, just a bit groovier. . .).  Yeah.  These are summer shoes.  But I keep them handy year-round for quick trips outside when the snow isn't too deep!

2.  My trusty snow boots (also Keens).  These are The Greatest snow boots ever!  I've had them for several years now, and they're warm, rugged, easy to wear, and look good.  (No.  I can't go that far.  Snow boots really never look good.  But they do get the job done!)

3.  My Liverpool Clarks.  When my sister and I were in Liverpool (back in 2009), I was wearing some stupid-uncomfortable shoes -- and we had a lot of walking to do.  When I was at The End of It, we stopped at a Clark's shop in the Liverpool shopping district, and I bought these boot/shoes.  Perfect!  They're great shoes -- and I'm reminded of our trip to London and Liverpool every time I lace them up!  (I tossed my stupid-uncomfortable shoes in the trash can right there on the streets of Liverpool.)


4.  My cardio-dance/kick-boxing shoes.  These are light-weight but provide sturdy support for side-to-side movement and jumping.  Best of all, they have this . . . 


a pivot point for spins and turns!

5.  My spinning shoes.  Sure, you can spin in regular athletic shoes, but I like this . . .


clipping-in for maximizing my workout!

6.  My running shoes.  I am very particular about my running shoes!  I am neither a pronator or a supinator -- so I need good, neutral running shoes.  My Saucony's fit the bill!  (I had a bad pair of shoes over the summer.  Although they were for neutral runners, and they felt good, they forced my toes down too much -- and I lost 6 toenails!  The right shoes are Very Important when you run.)


7.  My comfy, casual, slip-ons to wear with jeans.

8.  My badass ankle-zip boots to wear with everything else.

9.  My fun red shoes.  Because sometimes you just need to have something unexpected on your feet.

And . . . my favorite thing to wear on my feet?


10.  Why . . . nothing, of course!

How about YOU?  What does your footwear say about YOU?


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I prefer bare too, when weather allows. You have a nice bunch of shoes, especially the red pair!


Nothing, or maybe some Croc sandals, is the best footwear. My feet are wide with narrow heels and shoes always end up tight on the toes no matter how hard I try to get a better fit.


I am wearing a pair of #7s right now... with jeans! Love those shoes. My favorite is barefoot, also, and second is sandals... which I'm looking forward to packing in my suitcase!!


Nice pedi color!


I'm a barefoot girl, too! In fact, I'm barefoot right now! Love those red shoes!

Paula Kaye

I prefer the barefoot too! Stopping in From Ten on Tuesday....


barefoot is wonderful, but I only do that indoors (in the summer). red pedicures rock in all the seasons. and heels...well...I love them still. (this week has been a real surprise for me - I had on idea heels were that...unpopular!) and I'm not at all sure what that says about me! ;-)


I wear Crocs as much as possible because I have toe issues and they are wonderfully wide in the toes. But Clarks are the best that I've found for comfort and looks in a dressier shoe...

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