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Little Bit of Truth

I'm just getting over a rather nasty flu-ish bug (that hung on for far too long).  I've used more than a few throat lozenges since the beginning of the year.  (Like . . . they're in every coat pocket.  And in my purse.  And gym bag.  And in the cup holder in my car.  You know.)

It wasn't until just yesterday, though, that I took a closer look at the wrapper.



What do you know . . . A pep talk in every drop!

Nothing you can't handle.  (A little bit of truth . . . on a throat lozenge wrapper.)



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I don't use throat lozenges but Dale does - I'll have to ask him if he has noticed this!


Glad you've finally beat that bug...and of course tough is your middle name! (So fun!)


I've got the same flu bug but your post made me run to look at my own Halls. I was hoping for "You're sick. Lie on the sofa, read and knit" but did get "Take charge and mean it"! I can't believe I never noticed this, but thank you for pointing it out!


I like the "Tough is your middle name" and "Nothing you can't handle". Great lozenges! I'll look for them next time I'm feeling poorly. I hope you've been able to kick your cold/flu in the butt and get it out the door. Too many of my friends are ill. I'm pulling for you all (and praying I don't get it).


Somehow, this reminds me of my mother... she'd never tolerate lazing around and moping about being sick. Wash your face! Comb your hair! Get dressed! Hop, hop!!


It sounds like the same bug I've had since the first of the year. I actually had myself tested to see if it was flu, but no, I was told I had the "horrible coughing cold"! My ricola lozenges have no such messages. I'm finally about over this thing and hope you are feeling better too!


Love your blog! Hope you feel much better soon.


I carry these all the time too, but who knew there was a message to go with the soothing drops?? :D
Hope you are feeling better now.

Cheryl S.

Oh, ugh! You too? I feel like I can't possibly have any lungs left after I've coughed them up bit by bit.

Hope you're soon back to normal.


Guess we take our pep talks where we can get them.


:-) I hope the marketing team that dreamed up that wrapper - I'm picturing the Mad Men "think tank" and only hope there's a lady in charge - reads this post. (and that you are really feeling better. soon!) xo.

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