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This Year


Last week, I shared my two-word intentions for the new year in a blog post.  Those two-word intentions are really just place-holders for me . . . of more detailed goals or aspirations or hopes-and-dreams (or whatever-you-want-to-call-thems) I have for the year.

Today, Carole asks us to share our intentions for the year, so I'll provide some of the "backstory" for my two-word intentions.


Ten Things I Want to Accomplish This Year:

  1. I want to go through All the Things and reduce-reuse-recycle.  Seriously, I'm in a PURGE mode!  I mean . . . What am I keeping some of this stuff FOR, exactly?  How did I come to have it in the first place?  What do I think I'll ever DO with it?  Do I need it?  That kind of thing.  I have just started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying . . . and I say Let the Magic Begin!  (Maybe I'll even have a garage sale.)
  2. I'm going to use what I have.  Yarn.  Art supplies.  Ingredients.  Lotions and potions.  Chapstick.  Pencils.  If I already have it, I'm going to use it.  Period.  (I'll save money, too.)
  3. It's time for a little freshening up!  I've lived in my current house for 12 years now.  It is time for a little . . . rejuvenation.  Seriously . . . I hated that valance in the library when we moved in.  I really don't like it now!  I'm not talking about anything major, but a little moving-around and touching-up.  Maybe some new rugs and a curtain or two.  (And maybe some new windows and a new slider, but that's a whole other thing altogether.)
  4. I want a labyrinth in the garden.   I haven't sprung this one on Tom quite yet . . . but we had to have a tree removed last fall (diplodia tip blight. . .)  so some space has opened up.  I love walking labyrinths, and I think we can incorporate a small one into our space.  (It'll give me something to ponder and plan, now that winter has returned.)  (And Tom loves to dig.)
  5. (Okay.  Let's just all roll our eyes over this one. . .)  I want to become proficient with PhotoShop.  I know.  This has been on every goals-list I've put together for 6 years.  But this time . . . I mean it!  Sure.  I've already completed THREE PhotoShop classes (online AND in-person).  But this time, I'm committed.  (I'm not going to let LAYERS intimidate me again.)  (I mean it.)
  6. I want to explore my creative side in a more intentional way.  I'm no artist, but I do feel like there's some untapped . . . expression . . . in there, ready to break through.  So I want to try some new things and take some artistic risk this year.  (I've even taken a huge step in making this happen.  More another day.)
  7. I want to get back to strength training.  I've pretty much got the cardio-thing down when it comes to fitness.  I mean, I run regularly, I spin, and now that I'm not working (!) I'm back to my dance and kickboxing classes.  But . . . I've really let my strength training go.  I'm getting back to Pilates and I've discovered a new class at the gym called "Body Pump."  (Trendy as hell, sure.  But effective.  So there.)
  8. I want to stitch more.  I say MORE ALABAMA CHANIN in 2015!  I love the AC shawl I made last year -- so much that I bought a new AC kit right before the holiday madness began (this time, a t-shirt).  I'm eager to begin.  You can bet that I won't leave this kit - untouched - in my closet for two years.  (Like the last one.)  I'm not intimidated anymore.  (And yesterday Vicki sent me a link to an AC project featuring grids.  I am giddy. . .)
  9. I want to Go Someplace.  Actually, let's make that plural.  I want to Go Places!!  My sister and I are starting to get itchy again.  Tom casually mentioned Mexico last night. (I'm All In.) (Even though he wasn't talking about the two of us going to Mexico.) And I'd like to take some small trips, too (Pittsburgh to see Erin, local adventures with my Mom, Chicago with Tom).  (Who knows where I'll end up. . .)
  10. I want to reach and grow and try some new things this year -- but I also want to settle in with the things I love best.  Hanging out with Tom.  Reading excellent books.  Digging in my garden. Knitting and stitching and creating.  Listening to music.  Enjoying poetry.  Sipping some wine.  And keeping up with friends!

How about YOU?  What are your intentions (or aspirations and goals) for the year?


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