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Right Now - January 2015

January?  I gotta tell ya . . .  you're just not one of my favorite months.  In fact, I won't even miss you when you're gone.

You're long.  You're a slog.  You're cold and dark and dreary.

But here we are . . . at the end.


What's happening for me . . . Right Now?

WATCHING . . . Movies!  Tom and I are on a tear to catch all the Oscar noms before the Academy Awards on February 22.  We've only got a couple left to see . . . this weekend:  Whiplash.

READING . . . Just finished Station Eleven (highly recommend that one) and An Unnecessary Woman (meh).  Now I'm reading Sleeping with Pancho Villa (delightful) and finally dipping into Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam trilogy, beginning with Oryx and Crake.  (Because apparently I'm craving a dystopian diet these days. . .)


KNITTING . . . I've gone off the Deep End with this stash-buster while I continue to ponder sweater options.  (I thought I'd decided on one, but then THIS. . .)

LISTENING TO . . . The most excellent new album from The Decemberists.


DREADING . . . My yoga instructor is heading to Mexico for 5 weeks beginning next week . . . and I don't like the sub . . . 

DRINKING . . . Lovely reds.

PLANNING . . . Which garden conferences I should attend this spring.  (There are several that look interesting.  Maybe I'll just go to ALL the garden conferences.)

HUMMING . . . (I have no idea where these things come from. . . ) (But there it is.)


WONDERING . . . Why The Theory of Everything hasn't come to a theater near me yet?  So strange . . . 

ITCHING TO . . . Garden.  But I'm trying not to let myself Go There quite yet.  (But the catalogs. . . )

ORGANIZING . . . All The Things!  I've even gotten Tom inspired.  We are KonMari-ing everywhere (in our own way).

DELIGHTED BY . . . My new laptop.  (How silly I was ... to almost paralyze myself while trying to decide between "pro" and "air.") (So glad I went with "air.")

INSPIRED BY . . . Some clever and creative art pieces I've been seeing lately.

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . RIGHT NOW?


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I swatched for that sweater last night!!! And there is never too much Glen Campbell as far as I'm concerned. ;-) TGIT my friend!


Another of your posts that mimic much of what's on my mind (however, no Glen here). Can't get BT out of my head. I've all but decided on colors. Love my Air, too.


I'm watching an embarrassing amount of Death Note, The Devil is a Part-Timer, and Parks and Recreation.

I'm currently reading Dune...sort of. I keep getting distracted by Keith and my new PlayStation 4.

I've been on a real Red Hot Chili Peppers kick lately for music, though I alternate this with a lot of industrial and trip hop (Kidney Thieves, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, etc). I've got "Police Station" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in my head (which is annoying because it isn't even one of my particular favorites).

Lastly, I'm inspired by personal demons and people who take those kinds of things and turn them into something positive or use art/music/writing/whatever to work through that kind of stuff.


I've been ignoring all the talk about Deep End but I may have to take the plunge myself. Also, loved Station Eleven and so NOT my kind of book. Thanks for the reminder of the Decemberists new album and your yoga instructor is a lucky duck.


good stuff here! especially happy about that new shawl and the gardening inspiration. and yes, isn't the Air wonderful?! I was thinking of getting an iMac and I'm so glad Sara talked me into another laptop.


I love it in the Deep End!! I can't wait to cast on another... I love it *SO* much!

Glen Campbell. I had a dream once that he was at the drive-thru window at my credit union, hanging out and singing songs... like you do. Ha. ;)


I'm not a fan of January but I think February is possibly worse...
Love the yarn color combination.

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