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Walk a Mile in My Shoes. . .

Pudgy Pup: Weight Loss Countdown

Last year, when I took JoJo to the vet for her annual check up with Dr. Barkow (Yeah.  I know.), she weighed 55 pounds.

Dr. Barkow said . . . that was a perfect weight for her.  But that he wouldn't want her to gain any more weight.


In the summer, it is easy to keep her in shape.


We're out in the yard so much when the weather is nice.  And she plays Ball.  And Stick.  And Chase the Squirrel.  And Bark at the Neighbors.

And it's easy to take long walks.

And she swims at the lake Up North.


But now?  Well, now it's winter.  

We're not out so much.  The balls are packed away for the winter.  The sticks are buried under the snow.  There is no swimming.  And  . . . it's treacherous to walk every day.

So JoJo has lost her waistline . . . and gained too much weight.

Time for the Pudgy Pup Weight Loss Countdown!  (Before we go visit Dr. Barkow in April.)

Now, it's two-miles-a-day!


No matter the weather!


It's time to get that Pudgy Pup back in shape!


Jenny is in perfect shape, weight-wise.  She is sleek and rather elegant.  But she can use the long walks to strengthen those bionic knees of hers!



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Hope you've got some cleats for your shoes, Kym! Go Jo-Jo!


I was thinking exactly what Margene said! Be careful out there ladies!


JoJo is very lucky to have such a caring, health-conscious mom and weight loss coach. Dr. Barkow is going to make me chuckle all day!


Oh, that's good for JoJo's "mom," too! I came to really enjoy the dog-walking, and miss it (not enough to get another dog, though...)


Maybe it's a yellow lab thing because Dixie was always over weight! 2 miles a day is great, tell Jo-Jo that's my goal, too.


Dachsies are also prone to pudge. Keep giving JoJo the love and she'll be svelte or at least content in no time!


We had a golden retriever that was over 100#s. We tried to do a diet but she was a farm dog and there were lots of things to eat all the time. Diet didn't work out! Hope Jo-Jo has better luck. :)
Give those puppies a skritch from me. :D


this is a hard time of year to walk two miles every day. Holly and I barely manage to cross the street on some of the wet ones. good luck! (and be careful!)


Oh man, JoJo really has packed it on. (But don't we all during the holidays?) I'm sure that you will get her back into shape in no time! Be careful of the ice!

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