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January 2015


I had planned a nice blog post yesterday (New Year's Day) following the "begin as you mean to go on" theme of the new year.  But.  My cold took a nasty turn for the irritating-and-tedious, and I do NOT mean to go on in that way at all.  

So I took the day off -- and thought about my intentions for the new year instead.


Each year, on New Year's Day, I sit down with my journal and I write out a list of "intentions" for the coming year. My list is very free-form -- but I do have two rules:  Each intention I list must (1) have only two (or three) words, and (2) must be an action.

Once I get my initial list finished (this year I started with 29 two-word intentions on my list), I let it percolate for awhile . . . before paring it down to a shorter, "master" list of intentions.  (I usually find that themes bubble up -- and I can create a final list that encompasses all of the my original intentions.)

Here is my list of intentions for 2015:

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Look inside.
  3. Jump in.
  4. Stretch and bend.
  5. Make a mess.
  6. Trust yourself.
  7. Risk it.
  8. Get lost.
  9. Pack lightly.
  10. Freshen up.

These intentions will serve me well through 2015 . . . as I focus on my One Little Word:


It should be an interesting adventure!