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One More Thing

There is one more thing I can add to my list of Things to Make Winter Less Bleak . . .


Kalamazoo Beer Week!

Yes, we hold our craft beer near-and-dear here in Kalamazoo (home to some truly great craft breweries), and in mid-January, when you might argue that winter is at it's very bleakest, we  celebrate with Kalamazoo Beer Week -- a full week of events and activities designed to "support the craft beer experience."  

There is even a KBW shuttle to get patrons safely from one event to another!


Yep.  Winter seems a bit less bleak this week!


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That is truly fabulous.


I'll drink to that!


That is a fantastic tradition!


How fun "Beer Week" would be! I recently read that craft beers are having a hard time finding unique names. Whatever will they do?!


the Kalamazoo planning folks clearly "get" the bleakness of mid-January. Enjoy!!


I love it! And the bus is an excellent idea.

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