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When I worked for the Symphony (please notice how easy it is now for me to use the past tense when it comes to my old job!), we always expected patrons using walkers at our concerts.  Each of our venues had plenty "walker parking" space available, and helpful ushers used to dealing with older patrons.

Somehow, I never expected this to be the case at rock concerts.

Until last night!

Tom and I went to see Fleetwood Mac in concert.


Three solid hours of every Fleetwood Mac song you remember oh-so-well.  It was awesome!  Just lots of fun all around.

(And, yeah.  Aging fans with walkers were in the house!)


And . . . a BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUT to my sister!  Happy birthday, Di!!!



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It's amazing that so many of the "old" bands bring in very full house with fans of all ages! Happy Birthday to you sister! May it be a day full of joy and celebration!


Oh yes... I experienced that at the Fleetwood Mac concert that I went to several years ago, but even MORE at the Rod Stewart concert. Rod's been around even longer... meaning much older fans. Funny how all the aches and pains disappear when you're dancing (in your seat or wherever)... DON'T STOP!!


I hope the concert was great! And that you were able to see and sing every song! xo


My brother-in-law and his wife saw Fleetwood Mac here a few months back and said the concert was amazing. Glad you enjoyed it!


Fleetwood Mac undoubtedly has many fans in the walker set!


What a great birthday tribute photo for your sister...and wishing you (and Tom) MANY more concerts...even into your walker years!


It's a little sad that we are getting old enough that our contemporaries are using walkers. Just keep on truckin', I guess!
Happy Birthday, Di!


The good thing is, you didn't need any walker parking.

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