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Knitting: The Dark Side

When I post about knitting these days, it's usually to share nice, finished, well-behaved projects in lovely, staged photo shoots.


Not THIS day!

After finishing this most lovely shawl . . . and then after getting "stuck" on a certain hat pattern . . . I just sort of felt like knitting a sweater.

But . . . which one????

After perusing Ravelry (for far too long), I decided that I was in the mood for a pullover.  And,  ultimately, I decided on this one.

But . . . in which yarn????  (Because I have plenty of options to choose from.)  

After an extensive stash-dive, I decided to try some of this lovely stuff.  It's been kind of burning-a-hole in my stash . . . after I picked it up last year for a song -- at a "discontinued close-out" at my local yarn shop.

I knew, from the start, that I was treading in deep, dark water.

First, I'm not a fan of top-down sweaters -- and especially not when they're pullovers.  (Wonky necklines and such.)

Second, I only have 900 yards of the yarn -- with little-to-no chance of getting more.  (Because discontinued.)  (And I tend to be one of those knitters that always has to break into that one, last skein --- even if just for 3 feet . . . just to bind off.)

But I decided . . . I'll risk it!  (After all . . . this year is all about The Journey!)

So I got started.  And I was right.  The neckline was wonky.  (Although that might be salvaged with the finishing.)  And I was hemorrhaging yarn from the git-go! (All that texture.)  After using three of my nine skeins, I was only this far along . . . 


I got Serious.  I did the maths.  (I was definitely going to be cutting it short on yardage.)  I tried it on.  (Maybe I wouldn't like the fit.)


But I did.

I decided to go ahead and knit the neck ribbing -- and start weighing every couple of rows or so.


I made careful notes.  I did some more maths.  I weighed again.  I knit half a sleeve.


It became ever-more-clear . . . that I had entered the Dark Side. 
I was over my head!
I was definitely not going to have enough yarn.
I didn't want to go through the hassle of begging Other Knitters to sell me some.

Enough was enough.


I called it quits.
I ripped.

Sometimes knitting just doesn't . . . add up!  
And it's best to quit before you drown.

(But I did learn that I want to knit this particular sweater again.  I just want to use yarn that I have PLENTY of from the start!)