Endings and Beginnings
JOURNEY: The Beginning


I had planned a nice blog post yesterday (New Year's Day) following the "begin as you mean to go on" theme of the new year.  But.  My cold took a nasty turn for the irritating-and-tedious, and I do NOT mean to go on in that way at all.  

So I took the day off -- and thought about my intentions for the new year instead.


Each year, on New Year's Day, I sit down with my journal and I write out a list of "intentions" for the coming year. My list is very free-form -- but I do have two rules:  Each intention I list must (1) have only two (or three) words, and (2) must be an action.

Once I get my initial list finished (this year I started with 29 two-word intentions on my list), I let it percolate for awhile . . . before paring it down to a shorter, "master" list of intentions.  (I usually find that themes bubble up -- and I can create a final list that encompasses all of the my original intentions.)

Here is my list of intentions for 2015:

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Look inside.
  3. Jump in.
  4. Stretch and bend.
  5. Make a mess.
  6. Trust yourself.
  7. Risk it.
  8. Get lost.
  9. Pack lightly.
  10. Freshen up.

These intentions will serve me well through 2015 . . . as I focus on my One Little Word:


It should be an interesting adventure!



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Sorry about the icky cold. You are so wise, I truly admire your approach to the start of the year. Enjoy your journey!


I hope you are feeling better today. Ah, the journey. Its so worthwhile to keep that in mind. I wish you a fabulous journey through 2015!


Ooh, that's a great word.

Hope you're getting some rest and feeling better!


Wonderful word! Your intentions always inspire me during my own years journey. Thank you. May this years journey be full of joyful noise.


Great word, because, you know, Life is a Journey. :)


That is the best word! And here's some cold booting juju for ya! Xo

cher thoming

I like your list of two words. I have one of my own that has hung on from last year, "let go". Not an easy task, but worth working on.


oh my - I sense this year's trip is going to be really off the grid :-) but seriously, I look forward to seeing where the journey takes you! (I love how this OLW thing has swept through blogland these past few days...it's inspiring!)

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