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Friday Letters

On Fridays, Paula does Friday Letters on her blog to sum up her week.  I love it -- and decided to copy the concept myself.  So, with a hat tip to Paula, here's my first crack at Friday letters. . . 


Dear VP of Programming for the Kalamazoo Master Gardener group,

Thank you so much for pulling my name out of the hat for a door prize at last Monday's meeting.  I never win anything, so I was shocked -- but then delighted when I realized I would be bringing home that little pink hyacinth.  It's blooming now, there on my windowsill, and bringing the promise of spring to this cold winter day.


Dear Tom,

I know it wreaks havoc with your work and all, but I am so happy your plans changed and you WON'T be making that trip to Mumbai next month after all.  I like having you around.  XO


Dear January People,

Yes.  You clog up the parking lot and fill up my classes and cause major headaches on the indoor track.  But, please.  Hang with it!  You've made a commitment and you've started coming to the gym to work out.  Don't give up yet!  (Just stay out of my way.)


Dear Terri,

Every Saturday morning when I wake up, I sing your praises and thank you for convincing me that Run Camp is a miserable, cold, spiteful experience in January and February (and sometimes even March) and that you would never, ever do it again.  I am so grateful that I can stay in my warm bed early on cold Saturday mornings and not be out running in a herd, no matter the weather.  Just for fun.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
PS - I'm so sorry you got roped into it again, though.  That will teach you to make commitments at New Year's Eve parties.  Just sayin.


TGIF, y'all!