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Five . . . One Little Words

After participating in One Little Word for several years now, I find myself eagerly awaiting what the new year - and my new word - will bring me.  Because I have learned some important personal lessons with each of my words!

(I know.  It sounds kind of wacky.  But I've discovered that there really is power in having a year-long focus on One Little Word.)

The whole thing started in 2011, the first time I signed up for Ali Edwards' One Little Word project.  My word that year was MOVE .  I chose that word because I felt like I needed some inspiration to get myself moving - basically, to get off my butt!  (You see, I'm a daydreamer at heart.  I can sit, quietly, and think about things all day.  Which is fine.  But.  Sometimes you need to get those dreams in motion.)   That first year, I got totally overwhelmed by the "project" end of things:  scrapbooking, supplies, keeping up with the monthly prompts.  In fact, I was so focused on the "project" that I didn't get much out of the "process."

What I learned that first year . . . is that I wanted to try it again.  (And that was a way to MOVE, when you think about it.)


In 2012, my word was SHINE.   I started out strong with the prompts and my word in 2012 -- but quickly flamed out.  (It was the scrapbooking!  Totally not my thing.)  What I learned from my word that year:  Do it YOUR way!  Shine YOUR light -- and don't reflect someone else's.  I learned to be inspired by the process, without feeling the pressure to do the projects.


In 2013, my word was SURPRISE.  I was hoping to surprise myself that year . . . and I did!  I learned something completely simple -- and very obvious (although it wasn't at all when I began).  You can't plan to be surprised; you can't set off looking for surprise.  You need to be open to being surprised -- and, when you are, why . . . you discover that surprises happen all around you, all the time.  (Surprise!)


Last year, my word was POSSIBILITY.  It turned out to be my most transformational word yet -- which was what I was looking for when I chose it.  (Just in a whole 'nother way!)  I expected to disover "new somethings."  But what I discovered . . . is that I really needed to clear out and create space for possibility in my life.

This year . . . 


And by now, I know that I'll end up someplace I really can't quite imagine right now.

So that's . . . Five One Little Words.

Five lessons.

(But not five scrapbooks.)


If you're joining along in Ali Edwards' class this year for the first time -- and you're finding the scrapbooking and supply lists and prescribed projects a bit overwhelming or daunting, let me know.  I am a completely rogue participant at this point.  I use Ali's monthly prompts as inspiration -- and then I do my own thing.  (It's my way to SHINE.)

Also -- it's never to late to join in.  Click here to register for Ali's class.



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So much fun to see the transition and your current word is just wonderful. I've just started the process and have a section in the back of my new journal. We'll see where it all goes!


Your journey will probably be something totally unexpected from the usual meaning of the word. It seems to be how you roll. And that's a good thing! :)


Great look back at your words and how they have worked for you. I do some of the scrapbooking but mostly if it's the journaling part of it. I don't do all the stickers and painting and stuff but I do enjoy the prompts for writing inspiration.


You've made a journey to get to the next step of your ongoing journey. Of anyone I know, you are always moving forward toward the new and exciting.


I'm raising my hand to say I find all the "stuff" and projects a bit overwhelming (for me personally). I think I'll also be a rogue participant and do it my way, whatever that turns out to be. Thanks for sharing your experiences and words; I want to focus on the process, exploration, and learning, and you're helping me figure out how to do that!


I was really interested to read your experiences with the one word over a few years. For myself, I'd rather take a hot poker to the eye than scrapbook. But your point about keeping the chosen word in mind in other ways -- well taken.


a good lesson! it IS about the word and the journey...and not the path or the patterned paper! I went completely off the grid last year with not-so-great results. I'm not committing to anything at this point - except that I will somehow, someway, document the process.


That's a pretty awesome journey so far! But I know there's so much more...

You almost make me wanna!! ;)

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